Bull Riders Canada Inc. Press Release – August 16th, 2015

Bull Riders Canada Inc.
August 16th, 2015
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Couling wins Buckle, Moves into Finals Hunt/Hervey Joins Birks in $50k Club

GRUNTHAL, Manitoba and RALSTON, Alberta — With Manitoba’s event kicking off this weekend’s competition, Ben Kinkead of Crossfire Bull Riding Promotions brings us the update.

An extreme heat wave parked over the Keystone province might have had some thinking the Bulls would be slowed down. However a standing room only crowd of close to 2,500 for the Bull Riders Canada sanctioned Hanover Ag Fair Bull-A-Rama presented by Lemazing Mechanical saw the full force of five stock contractors’ top bulls. The heat had no negative effect, many of the bovine beasts stepped up their game.

Australian cowboy Jonathan Couling, who has only been on Canadian soil for a few weeks, came to Grunthal for the second year in a row with a win in mind. Couling posted a 76 point score on the R Saga Ranch bull Frozen, giving him the round one win.

After round two’s dust settled and a few looks to the officials to give thumbs up or down on some close calls the round one win ended up holding up for the event title and the championship buckle.

Couling’s response when asked why he has returned to Canada to ride bulls was: “Canada is where it’s at, the events, bulls, and money are awesome.”

The win has put Jonathan into the 48th position in the BRC national standings. With five western Canada events left in the 2015 season, he has put himself into the hunt for a finals berth.



Jonathan Couling won Friday’s stop in Grunthal, MB. Photo by Randy Lewis.


The Hanover event, which has been with BRC for all three seasons, continues to grow and give new experiences for the crowd. 2015 saw the addition of Supervision and their big screen, along with one of North America’s finest entertainers, Hollywood Harris. Both were very well received.

Manitoba Cowboys Landon Lockhart and Steve Maddison continued their winning ways after a one two finish in Midale last week. Both men came very close to riding two bulls in Grunthal but came up short, ending up second and third respectively. The points help Lockhart remain third in the BRC standings but move Maddison into a tie for 13th.

Rounding out the top four in Grunthal was a young Manitoba cowboy Austin Kinkead, who picked up his first BRC points and money won.

Next up for Crossfire Bull Riding Promotions in the BRC is the Boneyard General Repair Boyz and Bullz presented by the Eriksdale Inn October 10th.


Jonathan Couling poses with his new buckle in Grunthal, MB. Photo by Randy Lewis.

Two provinces over in Ralston, AB just south of the Canadian Forces Base Suffield, is where 2013 Bull Riders Canada Champion Brian Hervey passed the $50,000 mark in career earnings.

CFB Suffield is the largest Canadian Forces Base and largest military training base in the Commonwealth. It’s also where most of the fans of the 36th annual Ralston Rodeo came to watch from.

Coming in, Hervey only needed $419 to cross the milestone. His event win with 160 points on two bulls gave him that and more. $1,655 in winnings and another 355 points to be exact. Add those points and money to what Hervey had so far, and he now has over $25,000 on the year and over 5,000 points.

More importantly for the year end national title, he’s 1,390 points ahead of second place Josh Birks. Birks did pick up a few more points in Ralston for a score of 81 in the first round but it wasn’t enough. With five Western Canadian events remaining in the BRC, the lead could still be erased but it won’t be easy.

Second place in Ralston went to Saskatchewan man William Pooyak. An 83.5 on Fortune 500 from Thompson Rodeo also gave him the highest score of the event. 330 points move Pooyak up to the 10th spot in the entire BRC, up six spots from last week.

Corey Waterson’s third place finish ensured he will be at October’s Wrangler BRC Finals III in Lloydminster. A pair of scores earned him 305 points towards the title moving him up 10 spots from 26th to 16th.

Fellow Australian Will Purcell jumped into the top ten with his 81 from round one. Purcell now sits eighth. That spot, number eight, was previously held down by Shay Marks. Marks put up another score in Ralston to move himself up to seventh in the BRC.


Highlights sponsored by Ranchman’s Cookhouse and Dancehall Inc. in Calgary, AB.


Official results from the Hanover Ag Fair Bull-A-Rama in Grunthal, MB on August 14th, 2015. 

Round one: 1. Jonathan Couling on R-Saga Ranch’s 015 Frozen, 76 points, 100; 2. Landon Lockhart, 75.5, 90; 3. Steve Maddison, 73, 80; 4. Austin Kinkead, 68, 70; no other qualified rides. 

Round two: no qualified rides.

Aggregate, total money and points won: 1. Jonathan Couling – Singleton, NSW, Australia – 76 points on one bull, $1,764, 300; 2. Landon Lockhart – Brandon, MB – 75.5, $1,323, 270; 3. Steve Maddison -Carman, MB – 73, $882, 240; 4. Austin Kinkead – Ericksdale, MB – 68, $441, 210.


Official results from the 36th Annual Ralston Rodeo Bull Riding in Ralston, AB on August 15th, 2015.

Round one: 1. (tie) Josh Birks on Meston Rodeo Co.’s 81 Medicine Shield, Shay Marks on X6 Ranch’s 3-213 Blue Jean Baby and Will Purcell on X6 Ranch’s 6-251 Velvet N Seven, 81 points, 90 points each; 4. Brian Hervey, 79, 70; 5. Corey Waterson, 76.5, 60; 6. William Pooyak, 75, 50; no other qualified rides.

Round two: 1. William Pooyak on Thompson Rodeo’s Fortune 500, 83.5 points, 100; 2. (tie) Brian Hervey and Corey Waterson, 81, 85 points each; no other qualified rides.

Aggregate, total money and points won: 1. Brian Hervey – Brant, AB – 160 points on two bulls, $1,651, 355; 2. William Pooyak – Sweetgrass, SK – 158.5, $1,238, 330; 3. Corey Waterson – Scone, NSW, Australia – 157.5, $825, 305; 4. (tie) Josh Birks – Coonamble, NSW, Australia; Shay Marks – Sunnybrook, AB and Will Purcell – Merrijig, Australia – 81 points on one bull, $137.00 each, 210 points each.


The Hanover Ag Fair Bull-A-Rama presented by Lemazing Mechanical in Grunthal, MB and the 36th Annual Ralston, AB Rodeo Bull Riding were the 53rd and 54th events of 64 on the 2015 BRC season. Next up on the Bull Riders Canada Inc. schedule is the Airdrie Oilmen’s Association Bikes & Bulls Charity event in Airdrie, AB on August 21st and 22nd.

Visit BullRidersCanada.ca for the full schedule and event details.


Bull Riders Canada Inc. 2015 Standings up to and including Ralston, AB August 15th, 2015

Place Contestant Hometown Money Won Points Earned
1st Brian Hervey Brant, AB $25,815.00 5150
2nd Josh Birks Coonamble, NSW, Aust $31,962.00 3760
3rd Landon Lockhart Brandon, MB $9,848.00 2430
4th Cody Coverchuk Meadow Lake, SK $5,501.00 1720
5th Casey Berg Wainwright, AB $10,838.00 1585
6th Chris Young Bullsbrook, Western Aust $9,318.00 1395
7th Shay Marks Sunnybrook, AB $5,746.00 1295
8th Will Purcell Merrijig, Australia $5,456.00 1265
9th Tehiko Neill Hamilton, New Zealand $9,070.00 1195
10th William Pooyak Sweetgrass, SK $3,936.00 1125
11th Flint Vayro Whitewood, SK $2,343.00 1070
12th Armando Davila Satillo Coahuila, Mex $2,992.00 1065
13th Steve Maddison Carman, MB $5,933.00 1035
13th Tyler Pankewitz Ponoka, AB $3,930.00 1035
15th Cory Perry Strathmore, AB $4,203.00 970
16th Corey Waterson Scone, NSW, Aust $2,742.00 965
17th Devon Mezei Big Valley, AB $5,297.00 895
18th Micheal Ostashek Vermillion, AB $4,883.00 860
19th Miles Pennington Stettler, AB $3,675.00 765
20th Cole Young Fairview, AB $1,701.00 760
21st Ken Siemens Fort St. John, BC $3,649.00 755
22nd Kale Marks Sunnybrook, AB $2,912.00 745
22nd Jake Wilson Cargo, Australia $941.00 745
24th Logan Biever Claresholm, AB $2,892.00 700
24th Ashton Arychuk Lacombe, AB $2,299.00 700
26th Jacob Stahl Clive, AB $2,896.00 665
27th Jacob Gardner Fort St. John, BC $4,917.00 580
27th Garrett Green Meeting Creek, AB $2,835.00 580
29th Tim Lipsett Lumsden, SK $627.00 555
30th Cooper Zur Lundbreck, AB $2,425.00 540
31st Wacey Finkbeiner Ponoka, AB $1,597.00 525
32nd Travis Warburton Granum, AB $2,090.00 520
33rd Zane Lambert Westbourne, MB $3,579.00 510
33rd Dace Chisan Two Hills, AB $2,383.00 510
35th Wacey Anderson Naicam, SK $2,729.00 505
35th Quinton Bock Maple Creek, SK $2,148.00 505
37th Kyle Lozier Williams Lake, BC $1,524.00 460
38th Matt O’Flynn Quesnel, BC $1,653.00 450
39th Kyle Primeau Gwynne, AB $2,053.00 420
40th Lane Cork Quesnel, BC $1,613.00 410
41st Austin Nash Sangudo, AB $1,431.00 405
42nd Levi Lawlor Quesnel, BC $1,108.00 400
43rd Reid Lozier 150 Mile House, BC $2,760.00 390
43rd Cody Teece Mareeba, QLD, Aust $2,115.00 390
43rd Nicholas Klinck Bashaw, AB $1,935.00 390
46th Shaun Greenhough Penticton, BC $2,409.00 370
47th Marlon Williams Mount Currie, BC $619.00 335
48th Jonathan Couling Singleton, NSW, Aust $1,765.00 300
49th Wyatt Gleeson Sundre, AB $826.00 290
50th Wesley Regehr Delisle, SK $1,935.00 270
51st JC Curley Shaunavon, SK $787.00 250
52nd Cole Troendle Midale, SK $864.00 240
52nd Chase Thielen Milk River, AB $773.00 240
54th Wyatt Laughlin Pincher Creek, AB $393.00 220
55th Jerett Nash Eckville, AB $855.00 210
55th Justin Lloyd Tisdale, SK $456.00 210
55th Austin Kinkead Ericksdale, MB $441.00 210
58th Tyrell Ward Three Hills, AB $322.00 195
59th Dustin McMullen Aylmer, ON $1,884.00 165
60th Ethan Schultz Strathmore, AB — 155



BRC Inc. Logo

About Bull Riders Canada Inc. (BRC): now in it’s third season, BRC has the goal of becoming the largest public, Canadian-owned and operated bull riding company in the nation. In 2014, BRC Inc. sanctioned 32 events across four Canadian Provinces. In 2015, BRC Inc. expanded into Eastern Canada thus forging a nation-wide alliance of Bull Riding from British Columbia to New Brunswick. The Wrangler Bull Riders Canada Finals III takes place in Lloydminster, SK featuring $25,000 in prize money on October 2nd and 3rd. You can follow the BRC throughout the season on FacebookTwitter and also on YouTube. For more information visit BullRidersCanada.ca



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