#3: Busted Up in the BRC

CALGARY, Alberta — A trio of wrecks from this year’s Bull Riders Canada events take the third spot on the Everything Cowboy worst wrecks of 2014 countdown.

Kicking off this list of wrecks from the BRC is one that nearly snuck under the radar. It’s from one of the BRC’s founding members from the first ever finals up in Cold Lake. You may have already seen it but if you haven’t, now’s your chance.

I don’t remember seeing Kyle German opening chutes this past October in Lloydminster, SK. What I do remember is I think this wreck looks like a rougher hooking than anything he ever took after getting off a bull.

This wreck of Cooper Zur’s looked pretty rough too. He told me about the incident this week and what all happened afterwards.

“I just lacerated my spleen and pancreas,” Zur said like it wasn’t a big deal. “I spent three days in the hospital and then they decided to operate on me and remove my spleen and part of my pancreas. I was in surgery for five hours and then spent five days in ICU in a medically induced coma. After I got out of ICU I spent another week and a half in the Foothills Hospital”

If you didn’t think this kid was tough already, he’s not even 18 yet, he was most mad about missing his first BRC Finals. Now he’s looking forward to returning to action within the first few months of 2015.

“I was pretty weak and sore at first. I lost a bunch of weight but I’ve gained it all back and pretty much healed up now,” Zur finished.

At the time, this wreck looked like about the worst thing I’ve ever seen.

Bull fighter Justin Hok left Ralston’s BRC with a broken arm. Now though, he’s back fighting bulls with two plates and 12 screws in his arm. Talk about tough.

“I missed it strangely enough,” Hok commented.


Everything Cowboy Worst Wrecks of 2014

3. Busted Up in the BRC

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Everything Cowboy Biggest Moments of 2014 brought to you by 3D Bull Riding Inc.

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