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Kick saves the day for Cowboys

This story comes courtesy of Ted Harbin and twisTEDRodeo.com – Cord McCoy slid across the tile-lined park in Guangzhou, China, for a kick-save in a fascinating game of feather ball. That move kept The Cowboys in the chase for the $1 million first-place prize during Season 24 of “The Amazing Race” In Sunday night’s episode […]


Cowboys Win Opening Leg of Race

This story comes courtesy of Ted Harbin and twisTEDRodeo.com – The season 24 premier of the CBS-TV reality series “The Amazing Race” was aptly titled, “Back in the Saddle.” Ranch-raised brothers Jet and Cord McCoy battled the opening episode of the 12-week series in a comfortable place in the race around the world for the […]


McCoys clean up during eighth leg of ‘The Amazing Race’

-This article again comes from the Website of Mr. Ted Harbin. You can find all of his work by clicking this link to http://TwisTedRodeo.com Thanks again Ted for keeping us all up to date on Cord and Jet! – Racing around the world for the $1 million prize is hard work, and the eighth leg […]


McCoys overcome a flight speed bump to continue racing

-What a nail biter this week was in the Amazing Race. Here’s a great Thank You to Ted Harbin of www.TwisTedRodeo.com for leting me use this week’s result story here on my website. Ted writes so well if you don’t get to watch the show you get how it went just as if you wathced […]


Cowboys have plenty of motivation in race for $1 million

-This great article comes from the Blog of Mr. Ted Harbin. You can find more great articles on his website at http://TwisTedRodeo.com If the $1 million prize for winning “The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business” weren’t enough, Jet and Cord McCoy have plenty of motivation for taking part in the CBS-TV reality series. Jet and Cord […]


McCoys race to first place in fifth leg of CBS reality series

This was written by Ted Harbin of www.TwisTedRodeo.com Check out TwistTed Rodeo for some great stories from all over the Rodeo World. With the father-daughter team of Gary and Mallory Ervin hot on their tails, brothers Jet and Cord McCoy sprinted to the “pit stop” in first place during the fifth leg of “The Amazing […]