Canadians cash in early on in Fort Worth

FORT WORTH — Round one of the Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show, also known as the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo has already concluded in the tie-down roping and steer wrestling, leaving a couple Canadians in the money.

Matt Mousseau of Dashwood, ON split first in the steer wrestling in round one of Fort Worth with a 3.9 second time worth $5,346. When tallied, the Ontario cowboy should slide inside the PRCA’s top ten in the world steer wrestling standings. Also in the money in the bull-dogging in round one of Fort Worth was Reserve Canadian Champion Dustin Walker, splitting seven for $580 towards the standings.

At this point, Straws Milan sits 17th in the world after a win the first week of January in Odessa, TX.

2013 Canadian Tie-Down Roping Champion and NFR Qualifier Timber Moore cashed a check for third in the first round in Fort Worth. A time of 8.7 earned Moore $4,464 which comes at a good time as he’s not in the top 50 according to at this time.

Bareback rider Orin Larsen of Manitoba sits in the lead of round two and fourth in the aggregate however lots of rodeo still remains. Ty Taypotat and Colin Adams have a third horse to attempt today for a shot at overtaking Larsen’s spot and potentially the lead. Both men also sit high in rounds currently.

In the barrel racing, Deb Guelly is tied for the lead in round one with a time of 16.67 seconds.

Tie-Down Turmoil

There’s been a whole lot of fuss over a said rule change in the PRCA in the tie-down roping. Scott Fischer wrote this article in the Calgary Sun explaining the side of Tuf Cooper with a tweet from Fred Whitfield.

The PRCA released this statement today. 

I don’t know the whole story yet however I have sure seen a lot of negativity. I’m not sure what the said rule change exactly would mean however the following rule has been in effect in the CPRA for at least a couple years now as this was published in the 2013 rulebook.

If a calf is jerked down by the horse with the first jerk of the rope which is used when the calf is caught, the contestant will be disqualified. A jerk down means that a calf is jerked over backwards between ten (10) and two (2) on a standard clock or between thirty (30) and one hundred and fifty (150) degrees. At a rodeo with three (3) or more judges, one (1) judge other than the flagman will call the jerk down rule. At a two (2) judge rodeo, the flagger will call the jerk down.

I’d like to know what the issue is. After reading the statement from the PRCA I don’t think things are as negative as they were first made out to be.

Weigh in with your comments below as I am for sure not an expert on this issue. I’d like to hear both sides of the story while keeping things positive.

Creasy, Elliot and Green Top Ten in PRCA After Denver

DENVER, Colorado — Bronc riders Clay Elliot and Layton Green, along with bareback rider Luke Creasy, started off their 2015 road to the National Finals Rodeo with big checks at the National Western Stock Show and Rodeo.

Elliot fared best of the three leaving Denver third in the world standings just short of $9,000 after placing in both round, the short go and second overall in the aggregate. Green was one spot behind Elliot in the aggregate and won the short go for over $5,300 to sit ninth in the world in a early set of world standings.

In the bareback, Luke Creasy won round two worth $3,942, second in the short go for $1,250 and fourth in the aggregate at $2,168 bringing his total to $7,360. Creasy sits fourth in the world with that total at this time, all three men are off to a great start.

They aren’t the only ones who won money in Denver though as Clint Laye picked up $701 for a tie of fifth in a round in the bareback; Tyrel Larsen, Call Marr, and Zeke Thurston tied for seventh in a round worth $146 each in the bronc riding and Australian transplant Kyle Loudon caught a tie of eighth in the bull riding aggregate for $330. Curtis Cassidy won under $200 in the steer wrestling while Jeremy Buhler and Levi Simpson may have covered about half their entry fees with a check of less than $100 each.

Canadian bucking stock showed up well as four of the nine rounds were won on animals from C5 Rodeo and the Calgary Stampede. More money was likely won on stock from Canada but doesn’t show up in the official results as only round wins do.

Taos Muncy took Calgary’s Rhythm Bell to an 84 point round win the in saddle bronc; Wesley Silcox put up the only 90 point performance of the rodeo and a 91 on Twist Your Face Off from C5 Rodeo to win round two; Zeb Lanham earned victory after his short go winning 87 on C5’s yellow muley called Moe and Bobby Mote solidified his win in Denver with an 89 on Virgil also from C5 Rodeo.

Thurston Joins Select Group as Montana Circuit Champ

*With Lynda Thurston on behalf of Everything Cowboy Inc.

Big Valley, AB Cowboy Zeke Thurston wins Montana Showdown – Heads to Dodge National Circuit Finals in Florida

GREAT FALLS, Montana — Twenty year old Zeke Thurston claimed his first Championship one month after turning in his amateur status and taking out his membership with the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Assoc.

Thurston barely missed winning the National Intercollegiate Saddle Bronc title in 2014 by a mere ½ point at the June showdown in Casper, WY. After two years of rodeoing for Sheridan Wyoming College, Zeke hit the Pro Rodeo trail as a permit holder.

Designating Montana as his official circuit proved to be a good move as Thurston won $10,596.77 at regular season rodeos in the state. The Albertan athlete came into the Montana Pro Rodeo Finals second behind another cowboy with Canadian roots, Tyrell Smith (son of former NFR bronc rider John Smith).

Thurston placed in PRCA events consistently throughout the season and also managed to qualify for the upcoming events by earning a position among the top 50 Saddle Bronc riders in the world standings.

Opening night of the Montana finals saw Zeke ride his way to a first place win with an 83 aboard Brookman’s Drinkin’ Again. Although Zeke earned $1,649 for first, Tyrell Smith, the leader coming in, placed second in the round for a $1,237 cheque.

In Saturday’s round of tough broncs, both Smith and Thurston bucked off, in fact the only cowboy with a qualified ride was Duchess, Alberta’s Cole Neely who covered Brookman’s rank NFR horse Kid Rock for all the money.

Sunday would be good to Thurston. Several Kesler horses were in the draw and Zeke capitalized on ‘Breakaway’ to turn in an 81 which was good enough for second in the round. Smith bucked off another Kesler horse at 7.5 seconds to open the door. With that, Thurston won the aggregate, and year end buckles along with a trophy saddle and over $5,400 at the finals.

Zeke Thurston and Paul Seivers of the Wolf Point Stampede celebrate after Thurston's win as Sievers bought Thurston in the Calcutta.

Zeke Thurston and Paul Seivers of the Wolf Point Stampede celebrate after Thurston’s win as Sievers bought Thurston in the Calcutta.

After the win Thurston was optimistic about his chances at big rodeos coming up like Fort Worth and San Antonio as well as the semi-finals for RFD-TV’s The American.

Thurston plans to “Stick to the basics and keep trying to let them know I mean business.”

After several years of injuries – a broken femur, broken ankle and hospitalization for pneumonia, Thurston knows his job is to show up and stay healthy.

Other Canadians alongside Zeke Thurston and Cole Neely at the Montana finals included Saddle Bronc riders Wyatt Thurston, who won third in a go round and fourth in the aggregate as well as BC cowboy Jake Watson and tie down ropers Ben Robinson and Logan Hofer. Robinson won second in the first round for $1,237 while Hofer placed in all three rounds and won second in the aggregate earning more than $3,500 for the weekend.

Sold out crowds were on hand for the annual event. Looking back in record books the only other Canadian Cowboys to win the Montana Circuit are Steer Wrestler, Clay Brower in 1987 and Marty Becker in the All Around in 2007. Thurston looks to be the first to ever claim a title at the Ram National Circuit Finals Rodeo in Kissimmee, Florida from March 25th to 28th.

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Cassidy Kicks Off 2015 with $10k win in Fort Worth

FORT WORTH, Texas — Curtis Cassidy kicked off his 2015 campaign with a win at tonight’s Shootout in Fort Worth.

Representing the Reno Rodeo, as the event was made up of eight teams from the biggest rodeos in North America, Cassidy picked up a check worth $10,000 for the win.

Unfortunately as this event was not sanctioned, the money doesn’t count towards a WNFR Qualification come December. It does however sure count in the wallet over the long winter run.

Both Dustin Flundra and Scott Schiffner competed this evening representing the Calgary Stampede each making the finals. Neither connected in the short round for the big check however Schiffner’s third place finish earned him $2,000 while Flundra got $1,200 for fourth.