2015 CCFR Champions

EDMONTON, Alberta — Congratulations to the 2015 Canadian College Rodeo Finals Champions crowned Saturday March, 28th, 2015 at Northlands Park.

Bareback: Tate Hartell

Pole bending: Jaycee Hawk

Steer wrestling: Dustin Nickleson

Goat tying: Rayel Daines

Saddle bronc: Kolby Wanchuk

Barrel racing: Caitlin Stark

Tie down roping: Logan Bonnett

Breakaway roping: Kiley Shade

Team Roping: Logan Bonnett and Leonard Johnson

Bull Riding: C.J. Davidson
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Canada’s Timed Event Challenge – The Cinch Spring Thaw

PONOKA, Alberta — It can be argued which events in rodeo are the most exciting or the fan favorites. What can’t be denied is the success of the Professional Bull Riders and the fact that they have a consistent product each week on the Built Ford Tough Series.

Rodeo across the board is very inconsistent format wise with performances ranging from an hour and a half at some to many hours at other venues. Some events and formats work in certain areas however overall we still don’t have that top level tour to contend with other major sports.

When we are in the entertainment business, production is key. Production is what Trevor Jones and Tyrel Flewelling and their organizing crew brought into Saturday evening’s Cinch Spring Thaw Timed Event Challenge at the Calnash Ag Event Center.

Hosted on the mic by four-time Canadian Pro Rodeo Announcer of the Year Brett Gardiner with sound by Vold Audio’s Jeff Sharp and trick riding by Shelby Cummings, the short go of the Cinch Spring Thaw was a well-run show. Starting at 7:00pm with an opening ceremonies better than most rodeos I’ve been to recently, having this performance allowed for a crowd to gather and watch an event in a two and half hour package.

Featuring many of the top professional timed event specialists in Canada, NFR, CFR qualifiers, and Canadian Champions, it was refreshing to see. Not many people are willing to watch a low energy jackpot that might run all day where with this performance people came, drank, and stayed for the dance. It was great to see.

With a total payout of $84,166 in 2014, this year’s event’s total is not yet official however header Brett Buss was the top money earner raking in over $2,800 on the day. See below the evening’s highlights and results.


Official results from the Cinch Spring Thaw Timed Event Challenge at the Calnash Ag Event Center on March 27th and 28th, 2015.

Tie Down Roping
Long go: 1. Cody Brett, 8.6, $316; 2. Virgil Poffenroth, 9.1, $237; 3. Stacy Cornet, 9.2, $158; 4. Randy Smith, 9.3, $79.
Short go: 1. Randy Smith, 9.1, $316; 2. Tyler Johnson, 9.6, $237; 3. Shane Smith, 10.2, $158; 4. Virgil Poffenroth, 10.5, $79.
Aggregate: 1. Randy Smith, 18.4 on two runs, $632; 2. Virgil Poffenroth, 19.6, $474; 3. Tyler Johnson, 20.2, $316; 4. Shane Smith, 20.6, $158.
Event winner: 1. Randy Smith, $1,027 in winnings.

Barrel Racing
Long go: 1. Rene Leclerq, Flit, 17.607, $453; 2. Marci Laye, Hope, 17.621, $394; 3. Madelyn Schauer, Gambler, 17.641, $335; 4. Lana Bohnet, Possy, 17.721, $276; 5. Rene Leclerq, Jazz, 17.754, $217; 6. Rene Leclerq, Gem, 17.860, $158; 7. Marissa Epp, Lucy, 17.862, $98; 8. Mackenzie Loren, MS K, 17.866, $39.
Short go: 1. Lana Bohnet, Possy, 17.776, $436; 2. Marci Laye, Hope, 17.868, $327; 3. Mackenzie Loren, MS K, 17.960, $219; 4. Marissa Epp, Lucy, 18.003, $110.
Top earner: 1. Rene Leclerq, $828.
Event winner: Lana Bohnet, $712. (17.776)

Long go: For results visit the Spring Thaw Facebook Page.
Short go 1. Megan Ganser, Huffy, 18.174, $436; 2. Kenda Butterfield, Stoney, 18.249, $327; 3. Candice Boxma, Lucky, 18.352, $219; 4. Dee Jay Reid, Rosie, 18.410, $110.
Event winner: Megan Ganser, $889.

Long go: For results visit the Spring Thaw Facebook Page.
Short go: 1. Penny French, Drifter, 18.804, $436; 2. Pam Havens, Harley, 19.048, $327; 3. Jarvis Lafrance, Turnip, 19.149, $219; 4. Kristen Cutknife, Ginger, 19.674, $110.
Event winner: Penny French, $830.

Jr. Barrels
Event winner: Shaylee McMann, Dandy, $229. (17.669)

Event winner: Lacey Barrage, Wren, $229. (18.237)

Event winner: Jessica Fitzhenry, Harlee, $192. (19.290)
For full results visit the Spring Thaw Facebook Page

Steer Wrestling
Long go: 1. Ty Miller, 4.3, $322.00; 2. Johnny Webb, 4.5, $241.50; 3. Coleman Kohurst, 4.7, $161.00; 4. Baillie Milan, 5.0, $80.50.
Short go: 1. Rowdy Hays, 4.8, $322.00; 2. Craig Weisgerber, 5.0, $241.50; 3. Johnny Webb, 5.3, $161.00; 4. Matt Richardson, 6.1, $80.50.
Aggregate: 1. Johnny Webb, 9.8 on two runs, $644; 2. Rowdy Hays, 10.8, $483; 3. Matt Richardson, 11.5, $322; 4. Harley Cole, 12.8, $161.
Event winner: Johnny Webb, $1,046.50.

Team Roping
Long go: 1. (tie) Tyler Johnson/JC Davies and Jesse Thompson/Don DePaoli, 5.4, $319.45 per man; 3. Tyler Johnson/Thomas Kaiser, 5.5, $182.54; 4. (tie) Rolly Thompson/Steve Thiessen and Brian Willoughby/JC Davies, 5.8, $45.64.
Short go: 1. Jesse Thompson/Don DePaoli, 9.7, $501.99 per man; 2. Luke Skocdopole/Monty Gertner, 12.0, $410.72; no other qualified runs.
Aggregate: 1. Jesse Thompson/Don DePaoli, 15.1 on two runs, $730.16 per man; 2. Luke Skocdopole/Monty Gertner, 18.2, $547.62; 3. Tyler Johnson/JC Davies, 5.4 on one run, $365.08; 4. Tyler Johnson/Thomas Kaiser, 5.5, $182.54.
Event winners: Jesse Thompson/Don DePaoli, $1,551.60 per man.

Long go: 1. (tie) Lane Wolf/Ty Gordon, Brett Buss/Klay Whyte and Braidy Davies/Trent Tunke, 4.3, $410.72 per man; 4. Justin McCarroll/Brett McCarroll, 4.6, $136.91.
Short go: 1. Brett Buss/Chase Simpson, 4.2, $547.62 per man; 2. Brett Buss/Klay Whyte, 5.0, $410.72; 3. Justin McCarroll/Brett McCarroll, 5.4, $273.81; 4. Clint Buhler/Brett McCarroll, $136.91.
Aggregate: 1. Brett Buss/Klay Whyte, 9.3 on two runs, $794.05 per man; 2. Brett Buss/Chase Simpson, 9.5, $657.14; 3. Justin McCarroll/Brett McCarroll, 10.0, $520.24; 4. Clint Buhler/Brett McCarroll, 10.5, $383.33; 5. Lane Wolfe/Ty Gordon, 14.4, $246.43; 6. Braidy Davies/Kevin Schreiner, 19.2, $136.91.
Event winners: Brett Buss/Klay Whyte, $1,615.49 per man.
Top earner: Brett Buss, $2,820.25.

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4th Annual Marwayne PBR set for April 11th

2015 Marwayne PBR Poster

Buckin’ the Mountain for Sports Medicine

LAKE LOUISE, Alberta — We are proud to announce that the 3rd Annual Back on Track Canadian Cowboy Ski Race presented by Ranchman’s has once again raised over $10,000 for the Canadian Pro Rodeo Sports Medicine Team bringing the three-year total to over $34,000.

This year’s race at the Lake Louise Ski Area featured 62 contestants and over 110 attendees for the evening supper, awards, silent auction and dance festivities.

NFR Qualifier and Calgary Stampede $100,000 winner Straws Milan was the biggest winner on the day taking home the Becker buckle as the Stampede Race Champion for 2015. Our top skier in the Slalom Race on the men’s side of things was Logan Young who earned a jacket courtesy of Ranchman’s and Crown Royal. Middle-age Joe Guze of Drayton Valley, AB earned the Alberta Premium prize pack for finishing as the top snowboarder while Sasha Scheffelmaier picked up a $500 shopping spree from Lammle’s Western Wear and Tack for her win as the top lady.

A huge thank-you goes out to the sponsors of this event for their support. They include Back on Track, Ranchman’s Cookhouse and Dancehall Inc, Cinch Jeans and Shirts, District Brewing, Eddie’s Men’s Wear and Energy Equine. Thanks to our event organizing crew and help the day of including: Megan Madden of Southpaw PR Inc. for her company’s help with PR, social media and the fantastic program we had at dinner this year; Jessie Lisk, Meagan Brown, and Kole Van Maarion for their help with registration and the silent auction; Blaine Bugg also for his help at registration; John Reinbolt and Jill Bruder for their help taking tickets at the door for dinner; Cinch Jeans and Shirts for donating the duffel bags to all our contestants, help and sponsors; Ranchman’s for hosting our kick-off party on Thursday night and of course Brandon Thome and Kynan Vine for their help in organizing this event from start to finish. Another big thank-you goes out to all the attendees and contestants for supporting this event, we appreciate your support!

2015 Ski Race Logo


Thanks to Cinch Jeans and Shirts for the following video produced by Feature Productions.

Cinch Jean & Shirts


Photos by Deanna Kristensen.

Photos from the 3rd Annual Back on Track Canada Canadian Cowboy Ski Race presented by Ranchman’s Cookhouse and Dancehall by Deanna Kristensen. March 21st, 2015 at the Lake Louise Ski Resort.

Posted by Canadian Cowboy Ski Race on Monday, March 23, 2015

Thank you to our 2015 Silent Auction Donors and Supporters
-Chance and Kenda Butterfield
-Calgary Centre for Health
-Prairie Therapy Inc.
-Brandon and Tori Thome
-Strong Cowboy Strength and Conditioning
-Access Chiropractic and Wellness
-Alberta Premium
-Peak Progressions
-Bruder Spraying
-Calgary Stampede
-Welsh’s Tack and Western Wear
-ATB Financial
-Cheyenne Hok
-Denise Clark
-Eddie’s Men’s Wear
-Lacombe Physiotherapy Clinic
-Sonya Shields
-Rod Hok Horseshoeing
-Nicole Van Maarion
-Madden Muskrats
-Chimney Rock Ranch Wellness Retreat
-Canadian Pro Rodeo Sport Medicine Society
-Brooke Jensen
-Mcrae Silver
-Meston Transport
-Stavely Indoor Pro Rodeo
-Lammles Western Wear
-Smithbilt Hats Inc.
-Kris Russell
-Hon. Rona Ambrose and JP Veitch
-Derek Frank

Thank you once again to our 2015 Supporting Sponsors of the 3rd Annual Back on Track Canadian Cowboy Ski Race presented by Ranchman’s.


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Energy Equine


Thanks again to everyone in attendance and in support of the event once again. Mark your calendars for the 4th Annual Back on Track Canadian Cowboy Ski Race presented by Ranchman’s on March 19th, 2016!


2015 Ski Race Logo

3rd Annual Ty Pozzobon Invitational

Ty Pozzobon Invitational15 Poster