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Langham, SK Draw – August 23rd, 2014

LANGHAM, SK — The following is the draw for Saturday’s Curtis Leschyshyn PBR Invitational on August 23rd in Langham, SK.

Stay tuned tomorrow for “What’s That Bull”

1 Open Preston Lynch Delisle, SK ENO903 BODY TWIST R
2 World C Budd Williamson Ayr QLD, AUS ENO 011 FUNKY SAM R
3 World C Tanner Byrne Prince Albert, SK 2BIT968 FULL THROTTLE FREDDY R
4 World Card Adam Jamison New Zealand 2BIT069 SIXTY NINE PROBLEMS L
5 World C Scott Schiffner Strathmore, AB SKRI9 ROY BOY L
6 World Card Lachlan Richardson Gresford,NSW SKRI L5 MOUSE L
7 NAT. A Cody Coverchuk Meadow Lake, SK SKRI911 E.W.s BONNESS R
8 Open Alejandro Castro Hermosillo Senora 2BIT907 MOTOWN R
9 Open Beau Tallis Langham, SK GRTZ831 IDIOT PROOF L
10 Card Rosendo Ramirez Hidalgo Mexico GRTZ104 MOTO MOTO L
11 World Card Zane Lambert Westbourne, MB GRTZ941 SLUMP BUSTER R
12 NAT. A Fabian Marcelo Dueck Paraguay GRTZ962 WONDER LUST R
13 NAT. A Jesse Flett Fort Vermilion, AB GRTZ057 JUNKY R
14 World C Shay Marks Sunny Brook, AB HOGS918 GOING STEADY L
15 Buffer Zone HOGS933 ROSIN FIRE L
16 Card Stetson Lawrence Williston, ND HOGS327 AFTERSHOCK R
17 World P Bradley Ingersoll White Court, AB HOGS066 ROCKOHOLIC L
18 NAT. A Tim Lipsett Lumsolen SK SKRI818 BOB MARLEY L
19 World Permit Ben Turner Queenstown, NZ HOGS 030 DESPICABLE ME R
20 NAT. A Todd Chotowetz Major, SK 2BIT804 DEVILS WING R
21 Buffer Zone VB929 DIGGING BOMBS L
22 Card Nathan Schaper Grassy Butte, ND VB/PB902 GREY GOOSE L
23 World C Tyler Pankewitz Ponoka, AB VB/PB007 SLEEP TIGHT R
24 World Card Josh Birks Coonamble NSW VB/PB36 SMOKE SHOW R
25 World Card Edgar Durazo Moctezuma Sonora RFT8 1W HELPING OUT L




Passion for Sport

LANGHAM, Saskatchewan — In 1995, the Quebec Nordiques moved to Denver and were coined the Colorado Avalanche. In 1996, the Colorado Avalanche won the NHL’s Stanley Cup, the league’s championship and the trophy every young Canadian grows up dreaming to win.

Curtis Leschyshyn realized that dream in 1996 with Colorado. While there, he re-connected with another passion of his childhood.

“If there was a rodeo around I sure liked to go and watch it. Bull riding was one event that really intrigued me. It’s one event that everybody sticks around to watch. My parents and grandparents grew up on farms and I rode horses every summer. It was something I enjoyed. I could be on a horse all day long. That’s what I really enjoyed about this, is that western heritage and culture. It’s so deeply rooted in it.

“The year that our team moved to Colorado from Quebec I had some friends that worked for Coors that got us some chute passes for Bull Riders Only,” Leschyshyn spoke of the predecessor to the PBR. “I’ve been hooked ever since that.

“There were a bunch of us hockey guys that went on to the back of the chutes to watch it. We thought we were pretty tough with all the body contact and stuff. We realized we were a step below bull riders in terms of their toughness. I’ve always had mutual, real deep respect for bull riders and what they do. The courage they have, and the try they have. They battle through injury and they don’t have any guarantee on salaries. They get bucked off, get in the car and drive all night to the next one to get on and ride again. We were a little more spoiled as hockey players, when we got on a chartered flight and we knew we had a pay check coming in the next week.”

Bulls were what caught his eye, the bull riding part didn’t appeal to him.

“No I never really wanted to ride one. I just love watching the athleticism of the animal, all the speed and strength they have. It’s an athlete that’s real impressive to me,” Curtis told, then touching on the riders once again. “If you’ve done it growing up, from mutton busting to steer riding, it’s like anything, you get the knowledge and experience. It’s what you do. It’s no different than me playing hockey, I started in the back yard and worked up to the youth teams and then all the way up to professionally.”

Leschyshyn got into the bull business himself in 2005.

“I bought my first bull after I retired. 4G Ranch trained them for me and haul them to events for me. It’s been a real good partnership with them (The Griggs Family) and I’ve developed some good friendships.”

Like he did, Curtis’ kids are growing up around both sports. Jake and Kate were both in Saskatoon, SK last week at a PBR Canada Event at the Dakota Dunes Casino. Neither was there to ride a bull.

“My son came in golf shorts and a Toronto Blue Jays hat on. There’s not a chance he’s getting on one. My daughter is absolutely terrified of them. I took her to an event a couple years ago and we went to visit Kent Cox who was caring for my bulls at the time he also had a couple bulls he was taking to PBR events,” Curtis explained.

The bull Leschyshyn is referring to is Porcupine Puncher. One he bought as a three year-old.

“I thought the best way to get him to the PBR was to have Kent training him. Kent did a tremendous job with him. We all know what kind of a bull handler he was.”

Porcupine Puncher went on to place in the top ten at the ABBI World Finals.

“Kent had all the time in the world for me, he listened and gave me his opinion. I respected it. He was a great guy for sure. First class. He was a caring and compassionate guy,” Curtis said.

“I wanted to go out and see some of my bulls at his place, we got to see Bushwacker. Kent had a real pet at his place (named Howling Waters). Kate was absolutely terrified with bulls and he had her petting a bull by the end of the whole conversation. Kent had all the time in the world for her. It was a real breakthrough for Kate. Still to this day she talks about it.”

Kate Leschyshyn and Kent Cox.

“Kent was a great man, sorely missed, I know everyone in the PBR and bull riding and the world of bulls miss him and it’s a tragic thing but we all miss him.”

Curtis’ son, Jake Leschyshyn was drafted in the first round of the WHL Draft in 2014, following his father’s footsteps.

“My son was just drafted to the Red Deer Rebels so I guess the Western culture is part of what I am, with my son going to Red Deer. We are real excited, that he’s a part of the Red Deer Rebels and the Sutters, I know the tradition that they have with hockey and the championship teams. He’s a few years away from playing there but it’s a start and he loves what he does. I have the opportunity this winter to coach him with the Midget AAA Blazers I’m looking forward to spending more time with him and my daughter who plays.”

Since getting more involved in the bull riding business, Jason Davidson and his event production company, 3D Bull Riding Inc. got Curtis involved on another side of the business.

“A few years back Jason approached me and asked me if I would be interested in doing an event in Langham with my name and I said absolutely. It was something that I was real proud to be a part of. The town and community were great to me when I lived there and grew up there. Just to give a little bit back to the community was something I was all in favor for,” said Curtis.

The third Annual Curtis Leschyshyn PBR Classic presented by the Transall Group of Companies takes place Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 in Langham, SK.

“I admire Curtis’ passion, for what he does. Whether it be as a father, coach, hockey player, or stock contractor,” said Davidson. “Guys like Curtis are what have made the PBR bull business what it is today.”

Davidson is involved as a partner of Thunder Creek Professional Player Management based out of Saskatoon, SK as a player agent. It just so happens Jason now represents Jake Leschyshyn.

“Jake’s worth ethic and bloodlines are what had him drafted in the first round of the WHL’s Bantam draft by the Red Deer Rebels,” said Davidson.

“Honestly it was more of a relationship built around bulls. JD has represented a lot of quality NHL, WHL, and other professional players. I always knew along the way that if Jake needed representation, JD would be the guy,” said Leschyshyn.

“It’s something I don’t take for granted. I take this opportunity seriously and will provide Jake with every opportunity to be a professional hockey player,” Davidson commented.

Curtis mentioned his agent when he played professionally.

“My agent, Rick Curran, he was out of Philadelphia. I didn’t get to see him much. That’s kinda why I wanted to have Jake represented by someone locally. If we ever wanted to sit down and have coffee or a drink with JD we could easily,” said Leschyshyn. “In the summer Thunder Creek does a tremendous job with their players preparing them for the upcoming year with training and on ice training. It just really worked out well that Thunder Creek and JD were in Saskatoon. It was a pretty easy relationship to develop.”

“As a coach I see the relationships Curtis built with other clients of mine. He cares about them and that’s crucial in their development as a pro. Curtis has walked the walk, playing over 1,000 games at the highest level and hoisting the greatest trophy in professional sports. If you want to be a player, you’d better pay attention when he speaks.

“The best line I’ve heard from Curtis, and I’ll never forget it is: “Do you wanna be a hockey player, or just play hockey.” All athletes including bull riders should live by that as well,” Davidson finished.

Creasy Cracks Top 15

KENNEWICK, Washington — Luke Creasy has cracked the top 15 in the PRCA’s World Standings after a third place finish at last night’s Wrangler Champions Challenge in Kennewick.

Originally of Brownfield, AB, Creasy has been making a run at the Wrangler NFR as of late. A $7,000+ win in Caldwell on Saturday added to this $3,000 on a Tuesday has jumped Luke all the way to 15th.

On Twitter last night Luke told us he walked across the picket line to get on his bucking horse. Only three bareback riders got on their horses according to one of his tweets.

Luke Butterfield earned a check worth over $3,000 for a second place 81 point score. This check moves him up inside the top 40 still $30,000 out of the top 15 in the saddle bronc.

The following comes courtesy of the PRCA from earlier this week.

A Canadian resurgence: It has been four years since there has been more than one Canadian qualified for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo and a like number since Canadians have qualified in three or more events in the same year. Until now. Probably. With six weeks left in the regular season, Jake Vold is holding down the 10th spot in the bareback riding standings after a win in Kalispell, Mont., this past weekend. Steer wrestler Curtis Cassidy moved from 14th to 12th after wins in Kalispell and Lynden, Wash., and saddle bronc rider Dustin Flundra had a win in Pincher Creek, Alberta, to stand 11th. Bareback rider Luke Creasy gave himself a shot to join the Maple Leaf contingent in Vegas by winning at the Caldwell (Idaho) Night Rodeo, finishing in a tie for third in Jasper, Alberta, and a tie for fifth in Canby, Ore., to earn $8,623 and move from 21st place to 16th.

Coronation PBR Rescheduled for September 12th

CORONATION, Alberta — Tomorrow, Wednesday August 20th’s Coronation Royal Rumbull PBR has been rescheduled for Friday September 12th at this time.

Stay tuned for more details as they are made official.

Trucks For Winners of 3rd Glencross Charity Roughstock

CALGARY, Alberta – Friday August 22nd’s Curtis Glencross Charity Roughstock Invitational is giving away a one-year lease of a 2014 Ram Truck to the winner of each event, courtesy of Mountain View Dodge. Canada’s top Bareback, Saddle Bronc and Bull Riders will all be in attendance competing against the top stock in our nation for their chance to drive away those new trucks along with their share of $5,000 in added prize money.

Glencross, forward for the Calgary Flames has made huge strides with his event in the previous two years.

“It’s kind of getting easier each year,” Glencross told a week before the event. “Mountain View Dodge is a sponsor of my own, the guys there wanted to come aboard and do as much as they could at the charity event so we ran a few ideas by them. They actually came to us and said they wanted to give a truck away to the winner of each event. That was kind of a shock to us.”

The trucks aren’t the only perk to Friday’s Roughstock at the Daines Ranch Rodeo Grounds North of Innisfail, AB.

“This year we had CCM and Reebock Hockey donate rolling riggin’ bags for all the guys. That’s a gift for the cowboys,” Glencross said. “It’s a good event for the cowboys. There’s no entry feeds to get in, just show up, get on, and now try to win a truck.”

In the past two years, Glencross and his crew have raised over $475,000 for the Ronald McDonald House and Hockey Alberta.

“A new thing with Hockey Alberta we started this year is the Glencross Legacy Fund. It gives back to grass roots minor hockey and families. It’s an application that goes to every Minor Hockey Association in Alberta. Each one can apply for a grant of up to $5,000.”

“None of it would happen without our sponsors and supporters though, we’ve got to thank our title sponsors, Penn West and the Calgary Flames; and our platinum sponsors ATB Financial and Mountain View Dodge,” Glencross finished.

Professional Saddle Bronc Rider and many-time Canadian Finalist, Jim Berry, of nearby Rocky Mountain House, AB has spent countless hours lining up the top contestants and stock for Friday’s event.

“It’s slowly getting better and better attracting better quality guys,” Berry said.

“In the bareback riding for we have Matt Lait, two-time Champion of the Glencross event and reigning Canadian Champion; Kyle Bowers; Cole Goodine, a good guy coming up; and Ky Marshall of nearby Bowden who’s having a good year sitting number two in Canada currently,” Jim noted.

Also on the card are Innisfail’s Cole Jamison, Dylan Bilton, Ty Taypotat, Danton Bersch, Clayton Bunney, Joe Fentiman, and Colin Adams. On the stock side of things in the short round, Outlawbuckers brings Ross River and American Trip. John Duffy’s Blue Jeans, Fire Water from Justin Twogood and Tonight’s Rocket from the Calgary Stampede are up to pick from.

“Myself, Denver Daines, Todd Herzog, Kyle Daines, Kyle Thomson, Rylan Geiger, Luke Butterfield, Adam Gilchrest, Dustin Flundra, Justin Berg, Sam Kelts, and Layton Green are entered,” said Jim. “The best of the best in the bronc riding have a shot at a truck. Over half the field is going to the CFR I believe.”

Lunatic Party, Devil’s Who and Quitten’ Time from the Outlawbuckers are in the short round along with Calgary’s Wild Cherry and Sticks of John Duffys.

In the bull riding, former champ Jordan Hansen is on the list along with this year’s Calgary Stampede $100,000 champ, Scott Schiffner.  Steven Turner, Tyler Thomson, Jesse Torkelson, Garret Green, Ty Elliot, Dustin Thompkins, and Crawl Braithwaite will face bulls from Kelly Armstrong, Nansen Vold, Outlawbuckers and Todd Braithwaite in what’s sure to be an exciting bull riding.

Friday’s safety men include bullfighters Brett Monea and Scott Byrne along with pickup men Jason and Jeff Resch. Don’t forget three-time Canadian Pro Rodeo Announcer of the Year, Brett Gardiner calling the action.

Gates open at 5:00pm with the action getting underway at 6:00pm. Canadian country music recording artist Jason Blaine is featured on top of the hill in the cabaret ending the evening’s festivities.

Glencross 2014


Pro Rodeo Canada News Release – August 18th, 2014

Pro Rodeo Canada
August 18, 2014
For immediate release

Roller Coaster Ride For Rombough

Lee Rombough knows plenty about nerves. But the nerves he’ll feel walking into Rexall Place in Edmonton in November will be much different than the ones he’s been dealing with during the 2014 Pro Rodeo Canada season.
“I still have some nerve issues with a lot of shooting pain going up my arm,” says Rombough of the lingering affects of a broken arm suffered during the Dawson Creek, BC, Stampede Spring Rodeo. “I try to mentally block it out. I only have to rope for ten seconds and then I’ll ice it on the drive to the next one.”
The Sexsmith, AB, cowboy has not only secured his spot at his first Canadian Finals Rodeo, he’s now taking aim at the season leader award after winning the Jasper Heritage Rodeo in Jasper, AB, this past weekend. It was his third win of the season with victories at Wrangler Canadian Pro Rodeo Tour stops in Morris, MB, and, ironically, at the Dawson Creek Stampede earlier this month. 
“I’ve never been in Rexall Place. I always stayed at home and worked all winter. I’d like to go in a little higher so I can watch a few.”
With the $1,492 won in Jasper with an 8.0-second run and another $796 from the Pincher Creek, AB, Pro Rodeo, the 29 year-old Rombough has unofficially pulled within less than $2,000 of current season leader, Matt Shiozawa of Chubbuck, ID.

Lee Rombough

Lee Rombough competes at the 2014 Pincher Creek Pro Rodeo. Photo by Jeremy Wombold

“I missed about 14 rodeos,” offers Rombough. “I sat at home and really thought about why I do this, why I love it. Stayed at home with my kids enjoying the family life but now I’m back on the road. My wife and family are really excited (about going to the CFR).”
There will be a full compliment of five non-Canadians in the tie-down roping event at this year’s CFR. But which five American ropers will make it, may not be decided until late next month. Randall Carlisle of Baton Rouge, LA took a big step towards being one of the group with a $2,742 weekend. The 27 year-old won the Cranbrook, BC, Pro Rodeo with a 7.9-second run and placed 2nd in Pincher Creek with a 7.8-second trip.
There’s another entrant in the Canadian All-Around championship race. Ky Marshall has joined the list after a 7.9-second tie-down roping run in Pincher Creek was good for a 3-4 split to pay $1,122. It was the 3rd roping cheque of the season for the Bowden, AB, cowboy, to go along with $22,674 in bareback earnings.
Barrel racer, Nancy Csabay was number one in the Canadian standings in early June. Now she’s trying to hang onto the final CFR spot. The Taber, AB, competitor kept those hopes alive by placing at three weekend rodeos. Her cheques totaled $1,898, which will unofficially move Csabay into the 13th in the CFR standings.
Scott Schiffner has helped his chances of adding to his record of 13 Canadian Finals’ appearances in the bullriding. The two-time Canadian champion won $1,800 from Cranbrook and Pincher Creek to increase his season earnings to just under 16-thousand dollars. That’s enough to unofficially move the Strathmore, AB, cowboy past the injured Ty Pozzobon into 11th in the new Canadian standings.
Other big winners from the weekend included steer wrestlers, Dustin Walker ($2,786) and Dallas Frank ($1,735); saddle bronc rider, Dustin Flundra ($2,124); barrel racer, Sydney Daines ($1,635); tie-down ropers, Morgan Grant ($1,572), Clint Arave ($1,665) and Dale Skocdopole ($1,103 TDR, $804 TR); bullrider, Billy West ($1,576) and bareback rider, Russ Hallaby ($1,725). Of the three weekend rodeos, only Pincher Creek featured novice and junior events. Lane Cust topped the novice saddle bronc riders with a 73 score for $496 and Buck Moen had the identical score in novice bareback for a $434 cheque. In steer riding, Norman King’s 77.5 earned first place money of $535.
Next up on the Pro Rodeo Canada schedule is Lethbridge, Alberta’s Whoop Up Days August 21 – 23, 2014.

About the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association: The Canadian Professional Rodeo Association (CPRA) with it’s headquarters in Airdrie, Alberta, is the sanctioning body for professional rodeo in Canada. The CPRA sanctions over 50 events annually with a total payout exceeding $5.1 million. Join us for the 41st edition of the Canadian Finals Rodeo (CFR) November 5th to 9th, 2014 in Edmonton, Alberta at Rexall Place, our association’s premiere event. For more information please visit RodeoCanada.com or call (403) 945-0903. Follow us on Twitter, or like our page on Facebook, and watch the action on YouTube throughout the year.

Pound the Alarm Takes Gay to First BFTS Win

TULSA, Oklahoma — Rookie bull rider Gage Gay of North Carolina won his first PBR Built Ford Tough Series Event on Saturday night on the back of a bull originally from Canada.

Pound the Alarm was sold to Jimmy Roth owner of JARS Bucking Bulls and Gene Owen this spring. We reported on that February 6th of this year. 

The ride, eventually worth over $38,000 didn’t count at first. Originally the clock stopped at 7.79 seconds. When challenged, Gay received a score and the win, as the next two men wouldn’t make the whistle.


Zane Lambert finished 11th overall with his 87 on RMEF Team Elk from round two. Lambert earned $2,850 on the weekend moving him up to the 24th spot in the world.

Tanner Byrne scored 75.75 in round one but re-aggravated his wrist injury keeping him from competition in round two. Tanner and his fiancee Meghan Clunie tie the knot this Wednesday in their hometown of Prince Albert, SK. Congratulations to the both of you and your families!

Lovely in Lace

Wedding dresses, table cloths, your grandma’s dusty old curtains, timeless pieces passed from generation to generation. Creams, whites and tans. Bland, at times boring, SAFE. Hardly words to describe the rodeo scene.

My latest finds are that of punchy, original and wild colored lace adorned pieces.

Circle M Custom Hides Leather and Lace Headstall and Breastcollar with Turquoise and Casino Conchos.

Last year while in Vegas for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, I stopped by the South Point to “check out the roping” aka spend more money at some vendor booths. It was there that I discovered Circle M Custom Hides and their unique spin on combining leather and lace. From there I starting to take notice of other distinct twists on grandma’s lace popping up.

Circle M Custom Hides Skull and Black Lace Breastcollar

Coral Boots and Lucchese Boots have caught on. Both brands have released several pairs of lace adorned boots to add to your boot collection. They pair well with a denim shirt dress or add some flair to your favorite pair of jeans for a night on the town.

Corral Bone Tall Lace Embroidery G1128 Picture

Corral Tall Bone Lace Embroidery Boots

On a random side note: For the lovers of the denim shirt dress I recommend buying a lace extender to go under it (or making one). They come in a variety of colors, add some flair and a little lace to a timeless piece. Women's Slip Skirt Extender-Womens Slip Skirt Extenders, Chevron Striped long maxi skirts are an easy way to pull together a comfy look that’s still polished and stylish. Dress it up with wedged sandals, pumps, or a fun colorful pair of high heals!</p><br /> <p>A fold over waist and wide, flowy bottom draws the eye to your waist creating a super gorgeous hourglass effect. It’s comfortable, flattering and so easy to wear!<br /><br />

Lace hi-low dresses, which are all the rage in retail stores (Forever 21 and Simons) are the perfect pairing for your favorite boots or check out some lace shorts on Etsy or make your own from a pattern on Pinterest. Not only are they comfortable but they scream “wear me with boots!”

spring summer woman Lady Mint  pants lace leggings pants safety pants anti emptied Lace Shorts

Turquoise Lace Shorts from Etsy.

Be sure to check out our Pinterest page to see more of our Lace finds or share your lace pieces in a comment below, on Facebook or tag me on Twitter.

Embrace the lace.