Together For A Cause

MAGRATH, Alberta — There’s no family like the one we have in the sports of rodeo and bull riding. Yesterday at the Two Bit Ranch north west of Magrath, Alberta that was shown once again at the final event of the 2014 regular season for Bull Riders Canada Inc.

Saturday’s Celebration for the Two Bit Nation started out as a bull riding and turned into an opportunity to raise funds for Dusty and Renee Ephrom. 

How much to be exact? Between the 50/50, t-shirt sales, tickets, silent auction, donations and everything else, Nate Garnder and Josh Berezay were proud to say a check was wrote for $23,707.75. 

“It makes you proud to be a human being,” said Nate.

“Without the people that stepped up and helped, this wouldn’t have happened,” Josh added.

Adding to that total with $1,000 of his winnings was Josh Birks who’s also sponsored by Two Bit Bucking Bulls. Birks rode a Two Bit Bull called Devil’s Wing to a score of 86 points in the long go which held up for the win as no one stayed on in the Championship Round.


Both second and third place on the day were held down by Saskatchewan’s Cody Coverchuk. Early on Coverchuk covered Jonah the Whale from Reg Jensen for a score of 85 points. Not long after he rode a Girletz bull called ZZ Top for an 81. Combining all his envelopes the young man left town with $4,578 on the day.


Josh Birks and Cody Coverchuk both passed the $10,000 mark on the year in Magrath with their winnings. Seven bull riders have crossed that mark this year, only two did it all last year, including the first ever BRC finals.

Tim Lipsett made his way into the top five on the season with this 80.5 point effort in the long go.


Moving into that top five earns Lipsett a shot at another bull for a $1,000 bonus on night one of the Wrangler BRC Finals presented by The Patchwork Group in Lloydminster in the Foz Drilling Grudge Match.

Rounding out the top five at the Two Bit Ranch was Brian Hervey with his 79.5 on Double Trouble.


The top bull of the day was Grey Area from Curtis Sawyer which earned his owner a new Olson Silver buckle. Highlights from the Celebration for the Two Bit Nation come courtesy of Feature Productions Inc.

A huge thank you goes out to all involved with the silent auction. $7,960 was raised for Dusty and Renee through the items. All buyers and anyone else who would like to make a donation are asked to send a check or money order to Box 274, Kenosee Lake, SK S0C 2S0. 

Thank you to Tanner Byrne, Jesse Bryne, Chad Besplug, Ty Pozzobon, Tyler Thomson, Tyler Pankewitz, The Canadian Pro Rodeo Sports Medicine Team, Ellie Skori, Douglas Duncan, Luke Snyder, Cord McCoy, Scott Schiffner, 3D Bull Riding Inc., Vold Rodeo Inc., Brett Olson, Two Bit Bucking Bulls, Curtis and Corrie Sawyer, Lochend Energy Services, Canyon Ranch, Corey Chmelnyk, Josh Birks and Slim Needham for your items, and bidding.

Another thank you goes out to everyone else who showed up in Magrath yesterday, without you none of this would have happened. Finally, a huge thanks has to go to event organizers Josh and Tamara Berezay along with Nate and Jackie Gardner. Thanks to the Berezay family for welcoming us all to your home for such a great event. We look forward to another Celebration for the Two Bit Nation in 2015!



Official results from the Celebration For the Two Bit Nation in Magrath, AB on September 13th, 2014.

Long Go: 1. Josh Birks on Two Bit Bucking Bulls’ Devil’s Wing, 86 points, $1,763.00; 2. Cody Coverchuk, 85, $1,332.00; 3. Cody Coverchuk, 81, $881.00; 4. Tim Lipsett, 80.5, $440.00; 5. Brian Hervey, 78; 6. Tyler Pankewitz, 70.5; no other qualified rides.

Short Go: no qualified rides.

Aggregate and Total Money Won: 1. Josh Birks, 86 on one bull, $3,663.00; 2. Cody Coverchuk, 85/1, $2,747.00; 3. Cody Coverchuk, 81/1, $1,831.00; 4. Tim Lipsett, 80.5/1, $915.00; 5. Brian Hervey, 78/1; 6. Tyler Pankewitz, 70.5/1.


BRC Inc. 2014 Standings up to and including Magrath, AB September 13th, 2014

Place Contestant Hometown Money Won Points Earned
1st Cole Young Alder Flats, AB $15,448.00 2705
2nd Brian Hervey Brant, AB $11,584.00 1950
3rd Chris Hansen Caroline, AB $8,974.00 1910
4th Logan Biever Claresholm, AB $10,287.00 1810
5th Tim Lipsett Lumsden, SK $7,792.00 1725
6th Ken Siemens Fort St. John, BC $11,665.00 1575
7th Josh Birks Coonamble, NSW, Australia $12,823.00 1485
8th Cody Moore Vernon, BC $12,958.00 1440
9th Cody Coverchuk Meadow Lake, SK $12,665.50 1350
10th Cawl Braithwaite Bluffton, AB $9,072.00 1140
11th Edgar Durazo Moctezuma, Sonora, Mexico $9,121.00 1115
12th Tyler Pankewitz Ponoka, AB $8,842.00 940
13th Riley Gibson Tamworth, Australia $6,937.00 915
14th Ben Turner Kurow, New Zealand $6,265.00 910
14th Armando Davila Satillo Coahuila, Mexico $6,292.00 910
16th Miles Pennington Stettler, AB $6,304.50 780
17th Kyle Primeau Gwynne, AB $2,602.00 770
18th Wacey Finkbeiner Ponoka, AB $1,900.00 720
19th Shay Marks Sunnybrook, AB $4,297.00 695
20th Ethan Schultz Strathmore, AB $1,977.00 680
21st Matt O’Flynn Quesnel, BC $1,619.00 675
21st Taran Chirgwin Calliope, QLD, Australia $2,978.00 675
23rd Ian Molan Cork, Ireland $1,331.00 660
24th Austin Nash Sangudo, AB $3,542.00 645
25th Jonathan Couling Singleton, NSW, Australia $1,282.00 610
25th Rosendo Ramirez Hidalgo, Mexico $4,617.00 610
27th Wacey Anderson Naicam, SK $1,368.00 580
28th Kyle Loudon Springsure, Australia $3,372.00 550
29th Lonnie West Cadogan, AB $2,652.00 540
30th Andrew Jamison New Zealand $1,805.00 515


Yesterday’s Celebration of the Two Bit Nation in Magrath, AB was the 32nd and final even in the 2014 regular season for Bull Riders Canada Inc. Next on the schedule is the Wrangler Bull Riders Canada Finals II presented by The Patchwork Group in Lloydminster, SK featuring $20,000 in prize money on October 10th and 11th.

About Bull Riders Canada Inc: Bull Riders Canada Inc. (BRC), founded in 2013 has the goal of becoming the largest public, Canadian-owned and operated bull riding company in Canada. In 2014 the BRC sanctioned 32 events across four Canadian Provinces concluding with the Wrangler Bull Riders Canada Finals II presented by The Patchwork Group in Lloydminster, SK featuring $20,000 in prize money on October 10th and 11th. You can follow the BRC throughout the season on FacebookTwitter and also on YouTube. For more information visit BullRidersCanada.com

Cold Hard Cash in Coronation

CORONATION, Alberta — In what was a cold and rainy evening hovering not too far above the freezing mark, Australian Bull Rider Budd Williamson capitalized on two separate opportunities in the Championship Round to earn over $6,200 in the final regular season PBR Canada event of 2014.

After coming down just short of the whistle on both bulls in the long go, Budd made things count on his first ride in the finals with an 85 on Curtis Sawyer’s Playmate Recertified.


Williamson took Skori’s Minion Stuart to better his first score in the short go, this time with an 86.


Mexico’s Edgar Durazo earned some more points towards the PBR Canadian Finals in Saskatoon on November 14th and 15th with his 81.5 on Turn the Page from Curtis Sawyer.


Josh Birks was fourth on the day with his 78 in the long go on Flying High’s Canadian Hurricane.


The Jensen Silver Buckle for the top bull of the night went to Kickin’ MS from the Wild Hoggs’ in his out against Josh Birks.


Bryce West won the Jr. Bull Riding last night taking home $1,000.



Official Results from the Royal Rumbull PBR in Coronation, AB on September 12th, 2014.

Long Go: 1. Edgar Durazo, 81.5 points, $827.48; 2. Josh Birks, 78, $677.02; no other qualified rides.

Short Go: Budd Williamson on Skori’s Minion Stuart, 86 points, $827.48; 2. Budd Williamson, 85, $677.02; no other qualified rides.

Aggregate: 1. Budd Williamson, 86 points on one bull, $2,720.64; 2. Budd Williamson, 85/1, $2,018.53; 3. Edgar Durazo, 81.5/1, $1,316.44; 4. Josh Birks, 78/1, $965.39.

Total Money Won: 1. Budd Williamson, $6,243.67; 2. Edgar Durazo, $2,143.92; 3. Josh Birks, $1,642.41.

Cowboys Support Ephrom’s With Silent Auction Items

MAGRATH, Alberta —  A number of the top bull riders in all of Canada and around the world have donated unique items to be sold at Saturday’s Celebration for the Two Bit Nation in Magrath.

With the bull riding starting at 2:30pm, these items can be bid on until 5:00pm. You can bid there in Magrath at the auction table or else by sending me an email (Ted@Everything-Cowboy.com), text or phone call (780-542-1638). Also bid by leaving a comment in the area below with which item and the amount. I’m going to be updating the bids as we go here and may move things to the CBBI page if need be by Saturday.

Many of these items are part of these bull riders’ lives that can’t be replaced. You’re owning a part of history by bidding on these items. All proceeds go to Dusty and Renee Ephrom in their time of need.


Jesse Byrne – Signed and event worn jersey with photo.

Current bid: $800 – Slim Needham

image (5)image (6)


Scott Schiffner – Signed 2010 Team Canada PBR World Cup Jersey and signed glove.

Current bid: $600 – Slim Needham



3D Bull Riding Inc. – 2015 Entry fees to all 3D Bull Riding events for one bull rider. Value: Over $1000.00

Currentl bid: $400 – Vold Rodeo


Tyler Pankewitz – Display case coffee table

Current bid: $650 – bid at event



Ellie Skori – Ellie said that he is donating the naming rights to one of his up and coming short round calibre bulls. They are three right now and will be four in 2015. Ellie himself started the bid at $500.

Current bid: $800 – Brett Olson


Cord McCoy - Cord has a donation that’s in the mail and is on the way, it didn’t get here in time though so he sent this message this morning to Nate and Josh: “I’m going to give Dusty and Renee the shirt off my back!”

You all may either know him from The Amazing Race or the time he spent as one of the stars of the PBR’s Built Ford Tough Series. I’m going to go ahead and say Cord is one of the most famous cowboys in the world today and he’s donated something to help out Dusty and Renee. I think that’s pretty cool.

Current bid: $300 - Canyon Ranch



Tyler Thomson – Buckle display and picture frame – $350 value

Current bid: $350 – Ashbacher Lazy Z Rodeo

Buckle Frame - Tyler Thomson


Zane Lambert – Signed framed picture by Wendy Sloboda from the Lethbridge PBR in 2013. Zane and I talked on the phone this afternoon while he was on the plane to Springfield, MO for this weekend’s BFTS Event there, he got everyone’s signature on a 2014 PBR World Finals t-shirt last night there!

Current bid: $450 Corey Chmelnyk

Zane Lambert

photo 1 (4) photo 2 (3)


Luke Snyder – Shirt, hat and glove all signed. Brought to this auction by Tanner Byrne.

Current bid: $325 - Ryan Antoshkiw



Ty Pozzobon – 2014 Calgary Stampede back number with signed picture and glove.

Current bid: $500 – Anonymous Bidder “2″

Pozzobon donation 2014


Tanner Bryne – Signed vest, this is the vest Tanner has rode in for the past several years.

“I’ve used it since I was 16 so everything big I’ve accomplished it’s been wearing that vest,” Tanner said.

Current bid: $1,000 – Anonymous Bidder

-Tanner is also still gathering items from many of the top PBR superstars currently on tour. Stay tuned for more and please let me know as soon as possible if there’s anything you’d like to donate to the cause.



Chad Besplug - has donated the vest he won the $100,000 in at the 100th Calgary Stampede. He’s signing it and getting it to you when he gets home.

Current bid: $500 – Lochend Energy Services



Douglas Duncan – Tanner Byrne sent this picture tonight saying Douglas is getting all the riders this weekend in Springfield to sign this poster which features him.

Current bid: $400 – Anonymous



All items may not be present in Magrath however we are getting you them one way or another as soon as we can after the auction. Thank you all for your support for Dusty and Renee at the Celebration for the Two Bit Nation.

Remember if you aren’t able to attend Saturday’s event please call, text or email me, Ted Stovin at Ted@Everything-Cowboy.com or 780-542-1638


What’s That Bull for the Celebration for the Two Bit Nation

MAGRATH, Alberta — On Saturday, a number of Canada’s top bulls and top bull riders will make their way to the Two Bit Ranch northeast of Magrath.

$5,000 in added prize money is up for grabs and there’s a bull team competition going on as well. The Canadian Pro Rodeo Sports Medicine Team has been hired by event organizer Josh Berezay. For those of you who don’t know, getting that trailer to an event costs $1,500 per day. To my knowledge this is the first Bull Riders Canada event to bring the team. Good on ya Josh, I’d like to see more events do the same.

If you’re a bull rider that hasn’t entered this one yet, it’s one you better get your name down asap. For those that have entered, these are my picks on a few of the match-ups I’m looking forward to watching on Saturday afternoon. There’s a ton of great re-entry bulls in the draw too.

Catch you all there!

Tim Lipsett vs. Catch Me If You Can – I don’t know this bull but I sure like the movie. Not sure what they are up to with this name or who’s trying to catch what but I bet Tim’s going to ride him. Currently, Tim is sixth place in the season and the last man with a shot at the title. I’d bet on him entering twice looking to gain some ground on number one Cole Young.


Logan Biever vs. Motown – Currently third in the BRC standings Logan has been the most impressive rookie to come around this year. I only wish I rode this good when I was 16, I’m sure a ton of people could say the same. I think I’ve said it already but Logan is the perfect example of what the BRC is about. A guy who’s only 16 has been able to ride with his heroes and their help all year and look at what it’s done for him.

Motown comes from the event organizing Two Bit Nation. They are probably going to be cheering on the big red, white faced bull but I’m cheering for Logan to gain some more ground and get that title in Lloydminster next month.


Josh Birks vs. Devil’s Wing – There aren’t many bets I’d put a lot of money on besides when playing poker or blackjack. In this match-up I’d bet Josh rides this bull for a score between 85 and 87. Devil’s Wing is one of if not the most consistent bull I’ve seen over the past two seasons. The top riders ride this bull and Josh is one of those guys.


Ethan Schultz vs. Wanderlust – At one point this year Ethan held down the top spot in the BRC. In my opinion I think he will be a champion in this association in the next three years. Wanderlust is a bull that Ethan should like too. They’ve been as high as 87 on this Girletz Bull. Look for a good score out of this match-up.


Shay Marks vs. Village Idiot – I’m think very highly of Shay and his bull riding abilities to pay the utilities. Village Idiot really bucked when we saw him in Elnora last month. Nate wouldn’t keep a bull around if he was no-good. Look for Shay to enter a few times and try his ass off every time. I bet he’s the first guy to get a score on this one.


Rosendo Ramirez vs. Backwards – Having won a couple events already this year in the BRC, Rosendo has a bull on Saturday he could win another one on. Backwards from Curtis Sawyer helped Ken Siemens to an 86.5 last Friday in Delburne. This bull really bucks, Rosendo won’t be able to stub his toe.


Long Go Draw for the Celebration for the Two Bit Nation BRC on September 13th, 2014 at 2:30pm.

1 Buffer Zone 135 Hey Jack WHB L
2 Buffer Zone 166 Hanging Stone Project WHB L
3 Tim Lipsett Lumsden, SK 016 Catch Me if You Can WHB L
4 Joel Henry Calgary, AB 136 Double Trouble WHB R
5 Buffer Zone 605 Boot Strap -UT R
6 Buffer Zone 732 Dumas Walker -UT R
7 Edgar Durazo Moctezuma, Sonora, Mexico 727 Texas Tea -UT R
8 Cody Coverchuk Meadow Lake, SK 602 Jonah the Whale -UT L
9 Kale Marks Sunnybrook, AB X03 Canadian Hurricane FHR R
10 Ken Siemens Fort St. John, BC 076 Last Wish FHR R
11 Buffer Zone 066 Shots Fired FHR R
12 Buffer Zone 959 Lawless FHR R
13 Buffer Zone 861 Bucking Fantastic 2BT L
14 Buffer Zone 147 Still Water 2BT R
15 Logan Biever Claresholm, AB 907 Motown 2BT R
16 Josh Birks Coonamble, NSW, Australia 804 Devils Wing 2BT R
17 Jerett Nash Sangudo, AB 981 Angry Pirate GRS L
18 Buffer Zone 108 ZZ Top GRS L
19 Jacob Stahl Clive, AB 62 Freckles GRS L
20 Ethan Schultz Strathmore, AB 962 Wonderlust GRS R
21 Tyler Pankewitz Ponoka, AB 12 Unrestricted Free Agent RGC L
22 Shay Marks Sunnybrook, AB 077 Village Idiot RGC L
23 Sam McKay New Zealand 013 Bass Pro Bitchin RGC L
24 Will Bruce New Zealand 111 Cinch Carter RGC L
25 Billy West Cadogan, AB X66 Yard Sale VRC L
26 Buffer Zone 003 Hail Storm VRC L
27 Kim Forbes Calgary, AB 008 Heavens Basement VRC R
28 Nicholas Klinck Bashaw, AB 822 Indian Turtle VRC L
29 Rosendo Ramirez Hidalgo, Mexico 181 Backwards SWB L
30 Buffer Zone 340 American Hustle SWB L
31 Jonathan Couling Singleton, NSW, Australia 330 Playmate Recertified SWB R
32 Alejandro Castro Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico 141 Let’s Dance SWB R


Short Go

8 856 Black Chicago WHB R
7 088 El hombre FHR L
6 904 Filthy Habbits -UT R
5 106 Freakzoid GRS R
4 105 Johnny Ringo RGC L
3 320 Grey Area SWB R
2 999 Blue Crush VRC R
1 044 Swift Justice 2BT R

Celebration of the Two Bit Nation Not Fazed by Snow

MAGRATH, Alberta — As we sit under a snowfall warning in Southern Alberta today, it’s difficult to imagine the warmth and generosity taking place behind the scenes in regards to the Celebration for the Two Bit Nation bull riding on stage this Saturday. The event, a fundraiser for Rene Ephrom, nicknamed Kickin’ Cancers Ass, the brain child of the Two Bit Bucking Bulls, and Rafter G Cattle Co.’s firms, is undergoing its finishing touches.

“It’s falling together how it’s supposed to,” stated Josh Berezay. “I’m not sure we factored in snow as a challenge, but we’ll make that work too.”

A number of Canada’s and North America’s elite bull riders, both past and present have donated items to be auctioned off as a part of the fund raiser. A number of stock contractors, including Sawyer, Vold, Rafter G, Flying Four and Two Bit, and bull riding supporters including Cinch Jeans and Oliver Irrigation have come on board supporting the invitational calf and steer riding, featuring tomorrow’s champs of our game. Some of the most popular bull riding organizers, including the Ty Pozzobon Invitational, and the Glen Keeley Memorial committees have also shown their support. Feature Productions has been feverishly assembling clips and interviews to keep the expected full house entertained and informed alongside Brett Gardiner and Dustin Edwards.

“It’s been pretty cool to see guys just step up, without being asked and support this thing. I know Dusty and Rene are humbled by it all, and are still in awe of all the support they are getting. There is a lot of work them guys have to do yet, so we truly hope this lets them focus on the fight,” explained Nate.

“The major sponsors who stepped up and supported this production need to be singled out, their willingness to play a part in this is an instrumental component of its success,” relayed Josh, they include Franks Sandblasting and Painting, RA Hodgson Industrial Design, Complete Tubular, Neutron Electric, ALCO, and The Rig Shop.

“We had a quick volunteer meeting to delegate some jobs, hoping we could get enough folks to at least help us with the gate. Twenty some people showed up!! “exclaimed Josh. “I’m pretty proud of the crew, they need a shout out”

Action kicks off at 2:30 PM Saturday at the Two Bit Ranch in Magrath, AB, this is one you won’t wanna miss.


BRC Finals Poster

Funky Feathers

Maybe I’ve been listening to Queen too much in the last few weeks but Bohemian Rhapsody has been continually playing in my mind and that bohemian fashion has transferred into my daily style. The ease of the clothing and fascination with feathers. Oh the feathers! Wonderful, lustrous feathers, not just for the birds.

In my last article I highlighted some Decked Out Denim, like Fallon Taylor’s Ranch Dress’n line where the majority  of the colorful jeans featured bright feathers. Luckily the flight of the feathers didn’t end there, hair pieces, tack sets and “lucky feathers” can be found where ever you turn.

Feather hair extensions, clip in hair pieces and leather headbands with feather tails have started to creep into the western themed weddings and of course haven’t dared leave that Bohemian love. Not only are they great for weddings but they lend themselves to everyday wear. If you don’t feel like dying your hair with a streak of blue or pink, feather extensions are a great way to add flair to your hair or your horses mane!


Summer Boho Chic Feathers In Your Hair | HelloSociety Blog

Feather filled maneApril Fire Feathers fashion hair dreamcatcher hippy boho feathers clip hairstyle

On the subject of horses have you checked out Bucking H Leather Designs from Wyoming? If you haven’t, run to the nearest computer! These hand painted, hand cut leather pieces are full of feather frenzy! Breastcollars, halters, spur straps, you name it and you can have it made as an entire feather or painted with several.

Bucking H Designs.

Bucking H Designs Feather Halters and Saddle Feathers



Of course I can’t forget one of my favorite Canadian leather companies, Hooligan Designs of Edson, Alberta. Check out their Instagram page or Facebook for some feather infused tooling. I’m obsessed with the latest breastcollar and rope can they posted.

Hooligan Designs Rope Bag Photo from Facebook

Custom Tripping Collar in the Works from Hooligan Designs Photo from Facebook

As always share your finds with me in a comment below, on Facebook, Tweet me or send us some pins on Pinterest. 

-Paige Morgan



Today’s Humor

Thanks to Derek Adams for sending this one in. If you’ve got something funny you think we should see, send it to us via the Contact/About tab.

Outlaw Back to the Top in Tennessee

NASHVILLE, Tennessee — Chase Outlaw edged Silvano Alves for the buckle tonight at the PBR’s Built Ford Tough Series stop in Nashville.

Outlaw rode Mr. Bull in the short round for 89.25 points while Alves made a huge 92.25 on the Jeff Robinson superstar known as Rango. Marcus Mariluch made finished third after a 90.25 tonight on Jack Daniels After Party.

Lone Canadian this week on the tour, Zane Lambert, came into the final two rounds sitting sixth. No one beneath him moved up today leaving him sixth after unfortunately coming down from both bulls including I’m a Gangster Too in the championship round.

Lambert earned $1,300 from fourth in round one. Visit PBR.com full results as they are published.

Fellow Canadians Ty Pozzobon and Tanner Byrne are expected to return to the BFTS in Laughlin, NV in two weeks time.

Durazo Wins Hillbilly Stomp – Marks Wins Camper

DELBURNE, Alberta – The Hillbilly Stomp in Delburne was host to some tough competition that fought it out for a chance to take home a brand new camper.

Forget those home lotteries, Shay Marks entered up and won himself that brand new camper via Elnora and here in Delburne.

“It feels good to win,” Marks said after coming down from three different bulls on Friday Night. “I’m kind of upset about the bull riding yesterday but the camper made it a little better.”

Having a truck would help Marks take his first home on the road. For now, he’s got some help from his brother.

“No I don’t have a truck, my brother does. I don’t know what I’m gonna do with it yet.”

Valued around $5,000, the rig saves a pile on hotel rooms throughout a year.

“I’m just gonna wait and see what happens, It’s a pretty nice camper. It’s a good deal, it really helps. I really appreciate them putting it up and all the sponsors on it,” Marks finished

Coming out on top last night was Edgar Durazo who scored 87 points in the Short Go on Minion Stuart from Ellie Skori. Durazo was the only man to ride both after a 78 in the long go.


Scott Schiffner and Ken Siemens tied for second and third place. Siemens had difficulties in the chute in the Long Go. After a few close calls, he finally nodded his head and managed to rake in 86.5 points on a three year old named Backwards from Curtis Sawyer.


Schiffner redeemed himself from the Long Go and proved why he’s one of the best when he scored 86.5 points on top of China White from Reg Jensen in the Short Go.


Cody Coverchuk and Rosendo Ramirez tied for fourth and fifth with an 82.

Community support was evident at the event with plenty of people bidding on silent auction items and lots of action in the Calcutta. Overall, it was another successful PBR in the books.


Official Results

Long Go: 1. Ken Siemens on Sawyer’s 181 Backwards, 86.5, $377.40; 2. (tie) Cody Coverchuk and Rosendo Ramirez, 82, $235.87 each; 4. Edgar Durazo 78, $94.35; 5. Beau Brooks 68

Short go: 1. Edgar Durazo on  87, $377.40; 2. Scott 86.5, $283.05; no other qualified rides. $141.52 each ground money.

Aggregate and Total Money Won: 1. Edgar 165 on two, $2,191.03; 2. (tie) Scott $1,341.86 and Ken Siemens, $1,294.69, 86.5/1; Cody $624.80 and Rosendo, 82/1 Beau Brooks, 68, $214.81