36 Canadian Animals Chosen for 2014 Wrangler NFR

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — 35 Canadian Bucking Horses and one bull have been chosen for the 2014 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas this coming December.

Special Delivery from the Calgary Stampede firm earned a third place finish in the Bareback Horse of the Year voting. Both the Canadian Pro Rodeo Bareback and Saddle Bronc Horses of the Year, Mucho Dinero from Wayne Vold and Lunatic Party from the Outlawbuckers were selected to work Vegas.

In 2013, 47 animals were chosen from Canada made up of 24 Bareback horses, 21 in the Saddle Bronc and two bulls. In 2014, ten less Canadian Bareback horses were chosen while the same amount of Broncs were picked in the 30th year in Vegas for the NFR.

One factor of the decline in animals selected in 2014 is the fact that C5 Rodeo did not meet the requirements to have stock selected.

The following information was received this afternoon from PRCA Senior PR Coordinator Jim Bainbridge via the PRCA’s Rodeo Administration Department: C5 Rodeo did not meet the requirements outlined in Bylaw B13.3.2 of the PRCA Rulebook and were therefore ineligible for selection or the 2014 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

Bylaw B13.3.2: Qualification to Provide Riding Event Livestock. To qualify to provide riding event livestock to the NFR, a Stock Contractor must serve as the Primary Stock Contractor at three (3) PRCA approved rodeos with a minimum accumulated total of $50,000 in added prize money, or five (5) PRCA approved rodeos with a minimum accumulated total of $25,000 in added prize money during the corresponding rodeo year. If a WPRA barrel race is held at that PRCA approved rodeo, barrel racing prize money will be included in the accumulated total. 

In addition to the decline I was surprised to see some animals picked for the NFR but not the CFR. What are your thoughts or what are the reasons for this besides a contractor leaving them off the list for Edmonton, the animal not having enough trips in Canada or the animal spending more time in the United States?

The following are the animals from Canadian Stock Contractors selected for the 2014 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, NV from December 4th to 13th.



A43 Gold Dust R Big Stone Rodeo**
S-77 Soap Bubbles R Calgary Stampede*
S-83 Special Delivery R Calgary Stampede (3rd in stock of the year in PRCA)
T-17 Twin Cherry R Calgary Stampede
T-19 Tootsie Roll L Calgary Stampede
T-25 Turkish Whiskey R Calgary Stampede
T-29 Trail Dust L Calgary Stampede
263 Starburst R Kesler Rodeo
664 Western Star LF Kesler Rodeo
778 Copper Cat RF Kesler Rodeo
841 Street Dance R Kesler Rodeo
H83 American Trip LMF Outlawbuckers Rodeo**
73 True Grit R Wayne Vold Rodeo
838 Mucho Dinero LB Wayne Vold Rodeo


Saddle Bronc

711 Rubels L Big Stone Rodeo
L-40 Lynx Mountain R Calgary Stampede
M-64 Mata Fact R Calgary Stampede
S-3 Simply Marvellous R Calgary Stampede*
S-66 Stampede Warrior L Calgary Stampede
S-91 Shoshone Mountain R Calgary Stampede
T-38 Timely Delivery L Calgary Stampede
T-65 Tiger Warrior L Calgary Stampede
U-1 Until Kamloops L Calgary Stampede
124 Sky Blue R Franklin Rodeo Company*
529 Evening Mist R Franklin Rodeo Company
633 Summer Trip RB Kesler Championship Rodeo*
321 Poker Star L Kesler Rodeo*
828 Nickels & Dimes L Kesler Rodeo
242 Get Smart R Northcott Rodeo
B9 Calico Girl RF Outlawbuckers Rodeo
508 Lunatic Party LF Outlawbuckers Rodeo
530 Quittin Time RF Outlawbuckers Rodeo
03 Awesome R Wayne Vold Rodeo
R3 Pedro LB Wayne Vold Rodeo
Y2 Eclypce RB Wayne Vold Rodeo


Bull Riding

851 White Devil L Kesler Rodeo**


*Denotes animal not selected for 41st Canadian Finals Rodeo in Edmonton, AB.
**Denotes animal in spare pen of 41st Canadian Finals Rodeo in Edmonton, AB.

Visit this link for the 2014 stock list for the Canadian Finals Rodeo in Edmonton, AB. 

The Weekend That Was

CALGARY, Alberta — It’s been at least a year or two since I’ve missed a couple days worth of writing on this site. It’s not that I didn’t really have time or that there wasn’t stuff to write about but I just really didn’t feel like doing it or take the time to.

That doesn’t mean I can’t make up for it this week though.

At this point it’s already Sunday night at 10:42pm and I just got home a bit ago from the second Madden Muskrats hockey game of the 2014/2015 season. I played sieve tonight. Needless to say, we lost, but we are all still dear friends. Speaking of those guys, it’s a mostly cowboys team made up of the likes of all three Milan brothers at some points (Tanner, Straws and Baillie); Tanner Girletz; Billy Richards; Craig Walker; Brant Jones; Jim, Steve and Jody Turner; Jace Johansen, Kirk Robinson, Kynan Vine, Wyatt Anton, Chad Pighin, Todd Chotowetz, Jeremy Leismer, Dave Klys and countless others including myself.

Since the last entry on Thursday, I really haven’t done a bunch but it’s been fun.

On Friday I went to Mark Barrett’s Strong Cowboy Gym with 2014 NFR Qualifier Jake Vold. Jake is working hard preparing for the CFR and his first NFR. I think it’s going to pay dividends for him. I’m having trouble keeping up but I think I am getting ahead after a large summer of (insert sponsor beer name here) and not much exercise.

I finished my November Canadian Pro Rodeo News Article featuring this year’s CPRA Stock of the Year on Friday and wrote November’s Pro Rodeo Report for the Rodeo Connection too.

Later on Friday I went to the Coast Plaza here in Calgary to visit with the 2014 Inductees into the Canadian Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame. On Saturday Morning I was actually voted onto the Board of Directors for the Hall of Fame. I’d like to thank Ken Marcinkoski for the nomination and everyone who voted for me. I look forward to helping preserve our sport while bringing it to a whole new audience through another channel.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever shared it before on here but I wanted to thank Darlene Brash and Ken Marcinkoski personally for their support in my career in rodeo after competition. Darlene was the first person who told me I should send some of my writing to a newspaper or magazine. I remember visiting with her at the New Sarepta rodeo at the Thompson Ranch in July of 2009 after returning from Brazil a few weeks earlier. She figured there weren’t many other kids my age with experiences like those and she thought the stories would be good. Shannon Argent, former owner of the Rodeo Connection, published my first piece in October of that year. I guess the rest is history, and hard work, but that’s where it all started.

Going back to the year before that my grade 12 English Teacher at Frank Maddock High School in Drayton Valley, Brenda Prentice, convinced me I was an alright writer. Before that I almost failed in grade ten and eleven with different teachers. I’m not sure if it was their opinion or the fact that I didn’t show up very often but luckily made it by to get to that 12th year where things turned around.

I’m very thankful for those who have helped me get to where I am today. I’m looking forward to what’s next to keep building and growing.

On another note I kinda stole this title from Jay Onrait’s new book, Anchorboy: True Tales From the World of Sportscasting. I haven’t read much lately but this was one I cruised through in about 36 hours. I don’t have any official training in this business but I do take it seriously and a lot of similarities came up. Most of all, it was hilarious. A few years back he tried out a show called “The Week That Was.” There ya go.

Back to this weekend, it’s now 11:09 and I’m thinking I better call it a day soon.

Last night was the actual induction banquet for the Hall of Fame. Brenda Vold, another big supporter of mine who I’ve got to mention, asked me if I would help play the videos at the event. I’m glad I did. I learned a wealth of information about the five individuals and one animal that were inducted. For those of you interested in the history of our sport or what could be said even more importantly, the future, I’d suggest coming to the banquet next year. As my Dad always says “History repeats itself,” we can learn a lot moving forward from what’s happened in the past.

Congratulations to Darrell Cholach, Dale Garstad, Viola Thomas, Lee Laskosky, Neil Mckinnon and Chester Skoal Bandit from the Big Stone Rodeo Company on their 2014 inductions. Our friends Missy McDonald and Wendy Daniel at Ranchman’s were also proud to induct Bob Robertson and Lloyd Fowlie as legends.

A yearly membership to the Hall of Fame only cost $50 and a lifetime membership is $500. Money is needed each year to pay the bills and keep the Canadian Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame open in Ponoka. I hope to see your name on the membership or sponsorship list for 2015!

Coming up this week I’m headed to the Wheat City Stampede/Manitoba Rodeo Cowboys Association Finals in Brandon, MB as their Music Director. I’ve never been to the event before but I’ve heard good things and I’m sure looking forward to it.

Over the past few years I would usually be in Las Vegas for the PBR World Finals this weekend. I’m a bit disappointed I can’t be in two places at once this weekend but I’m glad for the technology to be able to watch it while I’m in Brandon! We’ve got a larger Canadian contingent going to Vegas this year than we have in recent years. With four bull riders including seeded qualifiers Tanner Byrne, Ty Pozzobon and Zane Lambert; Canadian representative Scott Schiffner; and six bucking bulls, more than any of the previous few years, it’s sure to be exciting. Stay tuned this week for full coverage as best I can do from a far.

The week after that ends with Black Tie Bingo in Edmonton to kick off Rodeo Week on November 1st. You know what’s coming the next week with #CFR41 from November 5th to 9th. On November 14th and 15th I’m looking forward to my first PBR Canadian Finals as Music Director as well.

It’s going to be a great next few weeks and I’m looking forward to seeing you all along the way.


All the best,


Boyz and Bullz Title Stays in Manitoba

Bull Riders Canada Inc.
October 19th, 2014
Media Contact: Ted Stovin
For Immediate Release


Boyz and Bullz Title Stays in Manitoba

Steve Maddison Earns First BRC Title


*The following recap comes courtesy of Crossfire Bull Riding Promotions Inc.

ERIKSDALE, Manitoba — The 18th Boneyard General Repair Boyz and Bullz kicked off Saturday evening with a steak and Mr. Perogie Supper which featured the Noventis Credit Union Bull Draft. The bullriders picked a number of 1 to 27 when they entered and from that order picked their match-up for the long round, match ups that on paper looked very good and as it turned out lived up to expectations as 12 bulls were rode in the long go.

The packed house enjoyed meeting Bull Riders Canada National Champion Cole Young in the opening and got to see how much talent the Alder Flats Alberta cowboy has as he took Turpies Watermelon Crawl from Lazy S & Bonkowski Bucking Bulls to a 88 point score and the long round win.


As the Interlake Co-op Championship Short Round List filled the crowd got into the action and bought their pick to win in the Calcutta, the match ups were all set.

Flint Vayro, the number two man in the Canadian Cowboys Association, matched up with BRC Bull of the Finals Billy the Kid from Stevens Bucking Bulls. A good effort was put up from the Whitewood, SK cowboy but Billy came out on top earning himself and the Stevens’ another Bull of the Event award, sponsored by 3D Bullriding.


With four bulls bucked and no qualified rides it was Steve Maddison who made a good recovery out of the chute and went on to a clean get off on Little Joe, another Lazy S & Bonkowski Bucking Bull and a 86 point score.


The Last man to go was Cole Young on Slough Shark again from Lazy S & Bonkowski. For just under seven seconds Cole had a seat and it looked like the Championship Buckle was all his but he came up just short. That would leave Carmen, Manitoba’s Steve Maddison to be the only man to ride two bulls for a total of 169 points as well as a little over $3,300.00 for his efforts. A great start for the 2015 season.

At this point, Flint Vayro leaves Eriksdale leading the 2015 Bull Riders Canada National Standings. A double entry for Vayro while earning two scores has him ahead of event winner Steve Maddison by a mere ten points. 2014 BRC National Champion Cole Young sits third thus far.

Click HERE for more video.


Official Results from the Boneyard General Repair Boyz & Bullz Bull-A-Rama in Eriksdale, MB on October 18th, 2014.

Long Go: 1. Cole Young on Lazy S & Bonkowski Bucking Bulls’ Turpies Watermelon Crawl, 88 points, $1,026.00; 2. Flint Vayro, 86, $769.00; 3. Cory Perry, 84.5, $513.00; 4. Landon Lockhart, 84, $256.00; 5. Steve Maddison, 83; 6. Lane LaPlante, 82.5; 7. Flint Vayro, 82; 8. Jacob Stahl, 81; 9. Cory Perry, 78; 10. Derek Glenn, 77.5.

Short Go: 1. Steve Maddison on Lazy S & Bonkowski Bucking Bulls’ Little Joe, 86 points, $3,325.00; no other qualified rides.

Aggregate and Total Money Won: 1. Steve Maddison – Carman, MB, 169 points on two bulls, $3,325.00; 2. Cole Young – Alder Flats, AB, 88 points on one bull, $1,026.00; 3. Flint Vayro – Whitewood, SK, 86/1, $769.00; 4. Cory Perry – Strathmore, AB, 84.5, $513.00; 5. Landon Lockhart – Brandon, MB, 84, $256.00; 6. Lane LaPlante – North Battleford, SK, 82.5; 7. Flint Vayro Whitewood, SK, 82; 8. Jacob Stahl – Clive, AB, 81; 9. Cory Perry – Strathmore, AB, 78; 10. Derek Glenn – Strathclair, MB, 77.5. 


BRC Inc. 2015 Standings up to and including Eriksdale, MB October 18th, 2014
Place Contestant Hometown Money Won Points Earned
1st Flint Vayro Whitewood, SK $769.00 370
2nd Steve Maddison Carman, MB $3,325.00 360
3rd/4th Cole Young Alder Flats, AB $1,026.00 280
3rd/4th Cory Perry Strathmore, AB $513.00 280
5th Landon Lockhart Brandon, MB $256.00 190
6th Lane LaPlante North Battleford, SK — 150
7th Jacob Stahl Clive, AB — 90


The Boneyard General Repair Boyz & Bullz Bull-A-Rama in Eriksdale, MB was first event in the 2015 regular season for Bull Riders Canada Inc. Next on the schedule is the Farm Kids Fund Bullarama Fundraiser in Barriere, BC on December 31st, 2014 featuring $5,000 in added prize money as stop number two of 2015.


About Bull Riders Canada Inc: Bull Riders Canada Inc. (BRC), founded in 2013 has the goal of becoming the largest public, Canadian-owned and operated bull riding company in Canada. In 2014 the BRC sanctioned 32 events across four Canadian Provinces concluding with the Wrangler Bull Riders Canada Finals II presented by The Patchwork Group in Lloydminster, SK which paid out $20,000 in prize money on October 10th and 11th. You can follow the BRC throughout the season on FacebookTwitter and also on YouTube. For more information visit BullRidersCanada.com


Northlands and Edmonton Tourism partner to bring the Wild West to Edmonton

News Release

October 16, 2014

For immediate release

Northlands and Edmonton Tourism partner to bring the Wild West to Edmonton

Put a little ‘giddy-up!’ in your step from November 1-9

EDMONTON, AB – Saddle-up and strap on a pair of cowboy boots from November 1-9, as Edmonton Tourism’s inaugural Rodeo Week in Edmonton provides an opportunity for the urban and rural worlds to collide under the umbrella of two of Edmonton’s largest annual events – the Canadian Finals Rodeo from November 5-9 and Farmfair International from November 4-9.

“Every November, the best rodeo athletes and stock in the country invade Edmonton and bring along one of the biggest parties to our city,” said Tim Reid, President & CEO, Northlands. “It can already be seen in the energy of tens of thousands of guests throughout the Northlands grounds, but Rodeo Week in Edmonton also provides Edmontonians and our visitors another exciting opportunity to engage in a city-wide celebration.”

Beginning November 1, Rodeo Week gives Edmontonians and visitors the unique opportunity to engage in a variety of western themed activities taking place across the city for nine days. From Black Tie Bingo on November 1 to the Rodeo Week Chili Cook Off on November 4 and the Prairie Oyster Shuck on November 6, the Wild West will come alive within the City of Edmonton limits. It all culminates on the Northlands grounds for Farmfair International from November 4-9 and the Canadian Finals Rodeo from November 5-9.

“City-wide engagement for the Canadian Finals Rodeo speaks to how Edmonton embraces events,” said Maggie Davison, Vice-President, Edmonton Tourism. “We want everyone in the city, local communities and incoming visitors, to feel like they’re part of the excitement the Canadian Finals Rodeo brings to Edmonton. There is something for everyone to enjoy, young and old, the party goer and the rodeo fan.”

You can get involved in this year’s Rodeo Week by participating in a variety of corporate initiatives including Edmonton Tourism’s Paint the Town Program and the United Way Be Seen in Jeans fundraising program. Tickets to the 41st annual Canadian Finals Rodeo and Farmfair International are now available at all Ticketmaster locations, online or by phone at 1.855.780.3000. Each ticket to the CFR will include one complimentary gate admission to Farmfair International at the Edmonton EXPO Centre.

Canadian Finals Rodeo and Farmfair International 2014 Media Accreditation is now available online. Application deadline is October 27, 2014. 

How will you celebrate Rodeo Week in Edmonton? Join the #CFR41 conversation:


See, be seen and make your business better at Farmfair International, your one-stop shop for agriculture this November 4-9. Then, experience the ultimate battle of cowboy vs. beast at the 41st Canadian Finals Rodeo from November 5-9, where 8 seconds of adrenaline meets 2,200 lbs. of attitude. Get your tickets at northlands.com.


For Canadian Finals Rodeo and                                For Rodeo Week Inquiries

Farmfair International Inquiries

Lauren Andrews                                                              Joseph Pedrola                                              

Public Relations Specialist, Northlands                             Tourism Development Manager, Edmonton Tourism

Phone: 780.378.5112                                                              Phone: 780.969.0449

Cell: 780-938-7977                                                                 Cell: 780.782.1473

Email: landrews@northlands.com                                     Email: jpedrola@edmonton.com


Black Tie Bingo Returns to Edmonton November 1st

EDMONTON, Alberta —  Join us for this year’s benefit fundraiser as we once again pay tribute to the cowboy way of life. Let’s honour the cowboys and cowgirls who compete in the thrilling sport of rodeo and the families who provide them with unwavering support.

Event Information

Black Tie Bingo
Saturday November 1, 2014

Northlands Expo Centre, Hall H

  • Western Formal
  • $175 per seat / $1750 for a table of ten

Event Timing:

  • 5 p.m. Doors Open
  • 5-6 p.m. Cocktails and Silent Auction
  • 5-7 p.m. Best Bite of Black Tie Bingo
  • 7 p.m. Plated Dinner, Live Auction, Entertainment & Bingo!

Your ticket includes:

  • Culinary competition with six of Edmonton’s finest chef’s
  • Complimentary parking
  • Hosted cocktail hour
  • Live music performance from the Krysta Scoggin Band
  • Silent Auction with over 150 bundled items!
  • Live Auction with Danny Hooper
  • Plated dinner created by Northlands culinary team
  • Live Bingo! Big Toy Raffle and so much more!

Find out how you can become a sponsor or to donate Visit
for more information and downloadable forms

We look forward to seeing you all there!

To purchase tickets contact Livia Zaccaria at 780.378.5147
or visit http://www.cfr.ca/about-us/community/black-tie-bingo

About the Edmonton Rodeo Cowboys Benevolent Fund: Created in 1989, The Edmonton Rodeo Cowboy’s Benevolent Foundation assists athletes in times of financial hardship due to rodeo-related injuries. To date, over 250 athletes have received more than $1.5 million in support. To support the foundation, Northlands raises funds through CFR 50/50, Black Tie Bingo and the CPRA Ladies Luncheon and Fashion Show.

Huge Pay Day for Johnson at Winquist Memorial

OYEN, Alberta — Chet Johnson of Sheridan, Wyoming won Friday Night’s Travis Winquist Memorial Bronc Riding at the Crossroads Center in Oyen.

“$25,000 added and no entry fees,” Johnson told of the event structure. “Anytime you can go get on that good of broncs for possibly over $10,000, You know it’s a good event.”

For his first time coming to Oyen, things worked out quite well.

“I was gonna try and make it last year but things come up that I didn’t make it so I made a point of it this year. I told Bart Winquist I was coming for sure and I’m sure glad I did. I’m pretty happy they invited me.

“I’ve know about it for a little whilt but it’s kind of tough to get to that time of year. I figured for that kind of money and it’s for a good cause. It made it where I really wanted to come up.”

The trip was very worth-while, for $10,600 in cash to be exact in what was the 2009 Canadian Champion’s biggest win of 2014 so far.

“I’ve kinda been plucking along, but that’s dang sure the biggest check I won this year. It’s really nice to come that time of year and kind of get healed up before the CFR.”

$5,000 of the $10,600 came on the back of Wayne Vold’s superstar bucker, Pedro, with a score of 87 in the Short Go.

“It was good,” Wayne said. “I had five in the long round and I had Pedro in the short round. They had a real nice substantial prize for the best bonc in the short go. Pedro won that so I was able to buy my girlfriend a new pair of boots and a couple other things.”

Chet Johnson receiving his beautiful Troy Fischer buckle from Dale Harden of Kraz 12  Bucking Bulls, the buckle sponsor. Photo courtesy Wwa Winquist via Facebook.

Chet Johnson receiving his beautiful Troy Fischer buckle from Dale Harden of Kraz 12
Bucking Bulls, the buckle sponsor. Photo courtesy Wwa Winquist via Facebook.


Unofficial results from the Travis Winquist Memorial Bronc Riding at the Crossroads Center in Oyen, AB on October 11th, 2014.

Long Go: 1. Chet Johnson on City Fire, 86 points, $5,600; 2. Dustin Flundra on Moving Shadows, 82.5, $4,600; 3. Adam Gilchrist on Hombre, 81.5, $3,600; 4. Josh Harden on Easy to Love, 80.5, $2,600; 5. (tie)Dusty Hausauer on Snack Bar and Casey Bertram on American Sister, 80, $1,800 each; 7. (tie) Luke Butterfield and Todd Herzog, 79.5.

Short Go: 1. Chet Johnson on Pedro, 87 points, $5,000; 2. Josh Harden on Rubels, 84; 3. Dusty Hausauer on Bar Star, 83.5; 4. Adam Gilchrist on Devil’s Who, 81.5; no other qualified rides.

2014 #FCAFinals Champions

RED DEER, Alberta — The following are the champions and round four highlights from the 59th Annual Foothills Cowboys Association Cowboy Classic Finals at the Westerner Park in Red Deer from October 10th to 12th, 2014.

Click HERE for full finals results directly from the FCA.

Bareback: Branden Dillman

Tie Down Roping: James Gunsch

Novice Horse Riding: Riley Regier

Boys Steer Riding: Coy Robbins

Steer Wrestling: Glen Allen Nash

Jr. Bull Riding: Cylas Bigchild

Ladies Barrel Racing: Skyler Mantler

Jr. Barrel Racing: Ireland Edey

Saddle Bronc: Dustin Sippola (ride off)

Team Roping: Grady Quam and Jeff Quam

Bull Riding: Austin Quiring


All Around Champion: Keenan Reinhardt

Rookie of the Year: Riley Green


Round Four Highlights


FCA logo

Birks Capitalizes at BRC Finals, Young Wins Year End Title

Bull Riders Canada Inc.
October 12th, 2014
Media Contact: Ted Stovin – ted@everything-cowboy.com
For Immediate Release

Birks Capitalizes at BRC Finals, Young Wins Year End Title

LLOYDMINSTER, Saskatchewan — With two finals events in ten months, a challenging situation was put in place to pull off in just the second year for Bull Riders Canada Inc. For those who experienced both finals, year two has been full of growth including nearly doubling all aspects from prize money paid out to membership.

Coming into the 2014 Wrangler BRC Finals presented by The Patchwork Group, Cole Young had a large lead. A ride on night one looked to put the buckle on his belt but it wasn’t official yet. When Brian Hervey came down from his bull in round two, the title was decided. Cole Young was crowned the 2014 BRC National Champion concluding the Short Go.

Young would leave the finals with his $1,000 in earnings from Friday’s Fox Drilling Grudge Match while Hervey’s round winning 89 and fifth best finish in the aggregate earned him a total of just over $2,000.

$20,000 on the line meant an exciting finish for the BRC Finals event title as well. Coming in after a buck off in round one, Josh Birks wouldn’t let another one get by him. In round two on Saturday night Birks took Fidget from the Girletz’s to an 86.


In that Championship Round, three men had an advantage of another bull rode going in. That didn’t matter as Birks’ 87 on Blue Print hauled by the Girletz’s and owned by Dave and Sarah Becker was the only qualified ride to earn him all the chips in the short go and the event win.

Josh Birks left the Lloydminster Exhibition $6,200 richer ending up third on the season points wise and the top money earner at nearly $20,000 on the year.

Tyler Pankewitz and Jerret Nash tied for second in Lloydminster earning $2,400 and $3,200 respectively for a score of 169 points on two head. Pankewitz rode both bulls for 84 and 85 while Nash was 81 in Friday and won Saturday Night’s round two with an 88 on Barry Minor from Sawyer Bucking Bulls.

Dan Hansen took fourth as the only other man to cover two bulls at the finals. Hervey rounded out the top five while Manitoba’s Landon Lockhart earned the last paying spot in the aggregate with his 87.5 from round one. Lockhart takes almost $1,400 back east.

The Bull of the Finals buckle went to Billy the Kid from the Stevens’ scoring 45.5 points against Brian Hervey in the Championship Round.


Thanks to all involved for such a fantastic finals event in Lloydminster as well as throughout the year. There wasn’t a detail left untouched and it showed. 2015 is sure to be another fantastic year of great bull riding in Bull Riders Canada.



Josh Birks rides Fidget to 86 points in Round Two of the 2014 BRC Finals. Photo by Bryan Myers.

Official Results from the Wrangler Bull Riders Canada Finals presented by The Patchwork Group on October 10th & 11th, 2014.

Round One: 1. Brian Hervey on Vold Rodeo’s Heaven’s Basement, 89 points, $1,235.00; 2. Landon Lockhart, 87.5, $926.25; 3. (tie) Tyler Pankewitz and Ashton Arychuk, 84, $463.13 each; 5. Logan Biever, 83.5; 6. Kim Forbes, 82; 7. Jerret Nash, 81; 8. Ben Turner, 78.5; 9. Dan Hansen, 78; no other qualified rides.

Grudge Match: 1. Cole Young on Eno Bucking Bulls’ Whiskey Throttle, 89.5 points, $1,000.00; 2.Tim Lipsett, 88, $1,000.00; no other qualified rides.

Round Two: 1. Jerret Nash on Sawyer Bucking Bulls’ Barry Minor, 88 points, $1,235.00; 2. Cody Coverchuk, 86.5, $926.25; 3. (tie) Josh Birks and Ken Siemens, 86, $463.13 each; 5. (tie) Tyler Pankewitz, Miles Pennington and Chris Hansen, 85; 8. Tim Lipsett, 84; 9. Shay Marks, 83.5; 10. Dan Hansen, 80.5.

Short Go: 1. Josh Birks on Girletz Rodeo Stock’s Blue Print, 87 points, $3,087.50; no other qualified rides.

Aggregate: 1. Josh Birks, 173 points on two bulls, $2,686.12; 2. (tie) Jerret Nash and Tyler Pankewitz, 169/2, $1991.44 each; 4. Dan Hansen, 158.5/2, $1,296.75; 5. Brian Hervey, 89 on one bull, $833.62; 6. Landon Lockhart, 87.5/1, $463.12; 7. Cody Coverchuk, 86.5/1; 8. Ken Siemens, 86/1; 9. (tie) Miles Pennington and Chris Hansen, 85/1.

Total Money Won: 1. Josh Birks, $6,236.75; 2. Jerrett Nash, $3,226.44; 3. Tyler Pankewitz, $2,454.57; 4. Brian Hervey, $2,086.62; 5. Landon Lockhart, $1,389.37; 6. Dan Hansen, $1,296.75; 7. (tie) Cole Young and Tim Lipsett, $1,000 each; 9. Cody Coverchuk, $926.25; 10. (tie) Ken Siemens and Ashton Arychuk, $463.13 each.


Josh Birks rides Blue Print to an 87 to win the Championship Round of the 2014 BRC Finals. Photo by Bryan Myers.


BRC Inc. 2014 Final Standings up to and including the Wrangler BRC Finals presented by The Patchwork Group in Lloydminster, SK on October 10th & 11th, 2014.

Place Contestant Hometown Money Won Points Earned
1st Cole Young Alder Flats, AB $16,448.00 2905
2nd Brian Hervey Brant, AB $13,652.62 2390
3rd Josh Birks Coonamble, NSW, Australia $19,059.75 2235
4th Chris Hansen Caroline, AB $8,974.00 2050
5th Tim Lipsett Lumsden, SK $8,792.00 1965
6th Logan Biever Claresholm, AB $10,287.00 1930
7th Ken Siemens Fort St. John, BC $12,128.13 1845
8th Cody Coverchuk Meadow Lake, SK $13,591.75 1690
9th Tyler Pankewitz Ponoka, AB $11,296.57 1530
10th Cody Moore Vernon, BC $12,958.00 1440
11th Cawl Braithwaite Bluffton, AB $9,072.00 1140
12th Edgar Durazo Moctezuma, Sonora, Mexico $9,121.00 1115
13th Miles Pennington Stettler, AB $6,304.50 960
14th Ben Turner Kurow, New Zealand $6,265.00 950
15th Jerett Nash Sangudo, AB $3,226.44 875
16th Dan Hansen Airdrie, AB $3,258.75 835
17th Kyle Primeau Gwynne, AB $2,602.00 770
19th Shay Marks Sunnybrook, AB $4,297.00 735
20th Landon Lockhart Brandon, MB $2,700.37 725



Cole Young enters the arena to accept his 2014 BRC National Championship hardware. Photo by Bryan Myers.

The Wrangler Bull Riders Canada Finals II presented by The Patchwork Group in  Lloydminster, SK was the conclusion of the 2014 season. The first stop of the 2015 season is the Boneyard General Repair Boyz & Bullz Bull-A-Rama next Saturday, October 18th in Eriksdale, Manitoba.

Cole Young proudly shows off his 2014 BRC National Champion buckle made by Tyrel Jensen. Photo by Bryan Myers.

Cole Young proudly shows off his 2014 BRC National Champion buckle made by Tyrel Jensen. Photo by Bryan Myers.

About Bull Riders Canada Inc: Bull Riders Canada Inc. (BRC), founded in 2013 has the goal of becoming the largest public, Canadian-owned and operated bull riding company in Canada. In 2014 the BRC sanctioned 32 events across four Canadian Provinces concluding with the Wrangler Bull Riders Canada Finals II presented by The Patchwork Group in Lloydminster, SK which paid out $20,000 in prize money on October 10th and 11th. You can follow the BRC throughout the season on FacebookTwitter and also on YouTube. For more information visit BullRidersCanada.com

FCA Finals – Round Three Highlights

RED DEER, Alberta — These are the results and highlights from Round Three of the 2014 Foothills Cowboys Association Finals in Stockman’s Pavillion of Westerner Park from October 11th.

Championship Sunday starts at 1PM. Tickets are available at the door.

Bareback Riding – 1. Brandan Dillman 76.5 on Humphrey $1000 2. Justin Meyers 73 $750 3. Jessey Lannin 72 $500

Tie-Down Roping – 1. Dallas McDougall 8.9 $1000 2. Jeff Heggie 9.5 $750 3. Chase Hofer 9.6 $500 4. Dawson Johnson 10.3 $250

Novice Horse Riding – 1. Riley Regier 63 on Little Blackie $400 No Other Qualified Rides

Boys Steer Riding – No Qualified Rides

Steer Wrestling – 1. Glen Allan Nash 3.8 $1000 2. Matt Richardson 4.1 $750 2. Joe Guze 4.4 $500 4. Jordan Ness/Brady Betlamini 4.5

Junior Bulls – No Qualified Rides

Ladies Barrel Racing – 1. Skyler Mantler 13.334 $1000 2. Kendra Edey & Bobbie Goodwin 13.463 3. Rylee Shields 13.604

Junior Barrel Racing – 1. Kipty Terry 13.900 $400 2. Ireland Edey 13.904 $300 3. Shayse Tulloch 17.793 $200 4. Quinn Leslie 18.674

Saddle Bronc Riding – 1. Keenan Reinhardt 78 on Mojo Bone No Other Qualified Rides

Team Roping – 1. Denver Johnson & Justin Potts 5.6 $1000 2. Katie Waterson & Kelly Buhler 6.9 $750 3. JD Shiner & Trevor Scheller 10.7 $500

Bull Riding – 1. Cory Perry 84 on Hippy Freak $1000 2. Ethan Schultz 76.5 $750 3. Shane Peters 75.5 $500 4. Wyatt Laughlin 71 $250


FCA Finals – Round Two Highlights

RED DEER, Alberta — These are the results and highlights from Round Two of the 2014 Foothills Cowboys Association Finals in Stockman’s Pavillion of Westerner Park from October 11th.

Round Three is tonight at 7PM. Tickets are available at the door.

Bareback – 1. Mark Big-Tobacco 70.5 on Paleface $1000 2. Tate Hartell 70 $750 3. Justin Meyers 66.5 $500 4. Branden Dillman 65 $250

Tie-DownRoping – 1. Justin Heggie 8.5 $1000 2. Shane Smith 8.6 $750 3. James Gunsch 9.2 $500 4. Jeff Heggie 9.3 $250

Novice Horse Riding – Riley Regler (SB) 62 pts $400

Boys Steer Riding – 1. K’s Thomson 75.5 $400 2. Coy Robins 72 $300 3. Carter Sahil 70.5 $200 4. Cameron Brown 69.5 $100

Steer Wrestling – 1. Jeff Heggie 3.3 $1000 2. Lance Fraser 3.6 $750 3. Glen Allan Nash 4.7 $500 4. Jordan Ness 4.8 $250

Junior Bull Riding – 1. Kyle Brown $400 79 2. Bryce West 71.5 $300  No Other Qualified Rides

Ladies Barrel Racing – 1. Kendra Edey 13.510 $1000 2. Crystal Christman 13.697 $750 3. Skyler Mantler 13.701 $500 4. Rylee Shields 13.720 $250

Junior Barrel Racing – 1. Anna Lauweryssen 13.764 $400 2. Ireland Edey 13.814 $300 3. Kipty Terry 13.844 $200 4. Quinn Leslie 14.167 $100

Saddle Bronc Riding – 1. Dustin Sipploa on Sunnyside 73.5 $1000 2. Keenan Reinhardt 72 $750 3. Joel Waddell 66.5 $500

Team Roping – 1. Sloan Smith & Hayes Mcrae 5.1

Bull Riding – Austin Quiring on Road Trip 82 $1000 2. Cory Perry 80 $750 3. Wacey Anderson 79 $500 4. Wyatt Laughlin 76.5 $250

Shoutout to the bullfighters this afternoon, Houston Gleeson & Wacey Nash. Gleeson saved the day, but took a bad couple of hits during one hang up and had to sit out, alternate Lane Stuckey stepped in.

Another shoutout to Brock Radford for stepping in and helping out this afternoon as well when Bryce West got hung up after his 71.5 point ride.

Due to technical difficulties, visit the Everything Cowboy YouTube Channel for all this afternoon’s highlights.