Big Money for Besplug in BC

FORT ST. JOHN, British Columbia — Chad Besplug was tonight’s champion of the 2nd Daryl Mills PBR Invitational in Fort St. John, BC.

Stay tuned for more as it becomes available.

Until then, here’s Besplug’s 88.5 on Vold Rodeo’s Indian Turtle in the Championship Round for the win along with Josh Birks’ round two winning 91 point score on Wild Hoggs’ 2 Dark 2 C, the one matchup I thought I should write about today but didn’t.


Event host and promoter Daryl Mills presents winner Chad Besplug with the Championship Buckle for 2014.

Event host and promoter Daryl Mills presents winner Chad Besplug with the Championship Buckle for 2014.


Unofficial results from the 2nd Daryl Mills PBR Invitational in Fort St. John, BC April 18th and 19th, 2014.

Round One: 1. Budd Williamson on Sawyer’s Moves Like Jager, 88.5 points, $1,836.00; 2. (tie) Chad Besplug, Jason Malone, Tanner Byrne and Zane Lambert 85, $688.50 each; 6. Michael Ostashek, 84.5; 7. Leland Spence, 84; 8. Cody Ford, 83.5; 9. Bradley Ingersoll, 78.

Round Two: 1. Josh Birks on Wild Hoggs’ 2 Dark 2 C, 91 points, $1,836.00; 2. (tie) Tanner Girletz and Colby Reilly, 85, $1,147.50 each; 4. Zane Lambert, 83.5, $459.00; 5. Jason Malone, 83; no other qualified rides.

Championship Round: 1. Chad Besplug on Vold Rodeo’s Indian Turtle, 88.5 points; 2. Cody Ford, 87.5; no other qualified rides.

Aggregate: 1. Chad Besplug, 173.5 points on two head, $7,497.00; 2. Cody Ford, 171, $5,355.00; 3. Zane Lambert, $3,213.00; 4. Jason Malone, 168, $2,142.00; 5. Josh Birks, 91 points on one head, $1,285.20; 6. Budd Williamson, 88.5, $856.80; 7. (tie) Tanner Girletz, Tanner Byrne and Colby Reilly, 85, $357.00 each.

Total Money Won: 1. Chad Besplug, $8,185.50; 2. Cody Ford, $5,355.00; 3. Zane Lambert, $4,360.50; 4. Josh Birks, $3,121.20; 5. Jason Malone, $2,830.50; 6. Budd Williamson, $2,692.80; 7. (tie) Colby Reilly and Tanner Girletz, $1,504.50 each; 9. Tanner Byrne, $1,045.50.

Inaugural Taber BRC Tremendous Success

TABER, Alberta — The stands were nearly full for the inaugural Easter Bull-A-Rama presented by Bar UT Bucking Bulls at the Taber Agriplex. After two days of bull riding prior to Saturday night, Taber would wrap up the Bull Riders Canada Easter Tour.

Saskatchewan’s Cody Coverchuk was the only man to stay on both bulls to take the event title and brand new Jensen Silver Trophy Buckle.

Coverchuk is new to the BRC but not new to bull riding, in fact he’s been to the sports elite level, the Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series. Last night though he added a new title to hi resume.

“This is my first win in the BRC,” said Coverchuk. “It was my third event in the BRC and third this weekend.”

“I drew real good, the first one kind of ran me down the chute and I didn’t want to quit. I didn’t have a good seat on him but it worked out,” explained Cody of his mount, Fu Man Chu from Allen Girletz and the Honky Tonk Rodeo Co.

“In the short round that bull was just beautiful,” said Coverchuk of X6 Ranch’s Paradise City. “I was looking down the list for the bull with the sweetest name and that one was it.”

Sweet it was for $4,351 in earnings moving him up to third place in the 2014 BRC Standings.


Ken Seimens entered three times in last night’s long go and made the short go twice. In those five attempts Siemens would win the long go to earn $1,102 but more importantly move into first in the BRC Standings.

Now second on the year is Byemoor champion Kyle Loudon. Loudon finished third here in Taber with his score of 79 earning him $826. Dan Hansen finished fourth on Saturday and now sits fourth overall for 2014 as well.


Official results from the Easter Bull Bash in Taber, AB on April 19th, 2014.

Long Go: 1. Ken Siemens on Honky Tonk Rodeo’s Tricks for Kicks, 83.5 points, $1,102.00; 2. Kyle Loudon, 79, $826.00; 3. Cody Coverchuk, 78.5, $551.00; 4. Dan Hansen, 66, $275.

Short Go: 1. Cody Coverchuk on X6 Ranch’s Paradise City, 84.5 points, $3,800; no other qualified rides.

Aggregate/Total Money Won: 1. Cody Coverchuk, 163 points on two head, $4,351.00; 2. Ken Siemens, 83.5 on one head, $1,102.00; 3. Kyle Loudon, 79, $826.00; 4. Dan Hansen, 66, $275.


2014 Bull Riders Canada Season Standings up to and including Taber, AB.

Place Contestant Hometown Money Won Points Earned
1st. Ken Siemens, Fort St. John, BC. $3,382.00, 580
2nd. Kyle Loudon, Springsure, Australia. $3,372.00, 550
3rd. Cody Coverchuk, Meadow Lake, SK. $4,351.00, 530
4th. Dan Hansen, Caroline, AB. $1,962.00, 475
5th. Ethan Schultz, Strathmore, AB. $1,550.00, 465
6th. Brian Hervey, Brant, AB. $2,617.00, 420
7th. Cody Moore, Vernon, BC. $5,990.00, 390
8th. Tyler Pankewitz, Ponoka, AB. $6,182.00, 370
9th. Cole Young, Sexsmith, AB. $1,591.00, 360
10th. Dusty Lehmann, Mayfair, SK. $2,880.00, 300


Taber was stop number 6 of the 26 on the 2014 Bull Riders Canada season schedule. Next up on the schedule is the biggest event of the season in Trail, BC on April 26th featuring $12,000 in added prize money.

About Bull Riders Canada Inc: Bull Riders Canada Inc. (BRC) was founded in 2013 with the goal of becoming the largest public, Canadian-owned and operated bull riding company in Canada. In 2014 the BRC will sanction upwards of 30 events across four Canadian Provinces. You can follow the BRC on Facebook or Twitter and also on YouTube. For more information visit BullRidersCanada.com

What’s That Bull for Day Two of The Daryl Mills PBR Invitational

FORT ST. JOHN, British Columbia – Round two and the Championship Round of the 2014 Daryl Mills PBR Invitational start tonight at the Fort St. John Rec Center at 5:30pm. Tickets are still available at the door for $40 each.

An extra $25 will get you a ticket to tonight’s Dance in the Dirt with Jake Matthews as well, that starts at 9:00pm sharp.

Last night, Australian Budd Williamson took the early lead. Who will it be taking home the biggest share of the $30,000 in added money tonight?

These are my thoughts on some of the match-ups for round two. There’s a lot to go over as everyone has a chance with the calibre of bulls present. Justin Volz did quite a job assembling this pen.

Look for some high scores tonight and some great bulls.

Jason Malone vs. Hands Up – After last night, Jason sits second, with another couple scores tonight he could win the event. He’s drawn well to get Hands Up from Franklin Rodeo in round two. Black with upturned horns, this bull should spin either way and give Jason a chance to win the round. They’ve ridden the bull for lots of high scores including an 88 from Brian Hervey last July in Calgary at Ranchman’s Cookhouse and Dancehall Inc. Look for a high score to kick things off.


Chad Besplug vs. Crazy Joey – I’m really not familiar with this bull but when I looked him up on ProBullStats.com, it showed that Ty Patten was 81.5 on him last June in Wanham, AB. This match-up might not win the round but Chad will get a score here and come back in good shape for a chance at the event title and big cardboard check.


Michael Ostachek vs. Smoothie – Speaking of Besplug, this is the bull he rode last night for an 85. Mike came up big last night for an 84.5 to sit sixth thus far. Another score in that range and he will be sitting pretty with a darn good chance at his first PBR Canada event title. My money is on Mike here for at least another 84.5.


Zane Lambert vs. Stellar – Zane had one of those four 85′s from last night, his was on a Vold Rodeo bull from Ponoka too. I think it’s funny he’s got to go all the way to Fort St. John to get on a bull he’s neighbors with but the crowd is far better here than in the practice pen. Last year’s champ from the Daryl Mills PBR Invitational, Zac Peterson, was 84 on Stellar in Coronation last August. If this bull has the same tracks he doesn’t have a chance against Zane. Make it either way for that matter.


Budd Williamson vs. Slingblade – This is a rematch from round two of last year where Budd and Slingblade met up for a tie of the round win. I’m not sure if the score will be as high this time around but I am betting on a score. Here’s a look at that ride the last time around.


Ty Pozzobon vs. K Rose – Brian Hervey was 85 on this bull two weeks ago now in Marwayne but Ty probably knew that about five minutes after he saw the draw. After coming down last night Pozzy needs a score and he’s likely going to get that here.


Jesse Torkelson vs. Freightshaker – This is another one of those match-ups that might not win the round but Jesse is going to get a score. Depending on how many rides there are he might have enough to get back on one score.


Tyler Pankewitz vs. Goin’ Steady – This Wild Hoggs’ bull is 3-0 this spring already, but Pank should break that streak. A high score would get him back to the Championship Round as well after a no score last night.


Make your picks in a comment below, I look forward to hearing them!

Round two draw for the Daryl Mills PBR Invitational. April 19th, 2014 in Fort St. John, BC.

1 Jason Malone FRNK4 HANDS UP LB
2 Justin Lloyd FRNK997 RED BULL L
3 Chad Besplug FRNK559 CRAZY JOEY LB
4 Michael Ostachek FRNK54T SMOOTHIE R
5 Zane Lambert WVR780 STELLAR L
6 Brant Atwood FRNK979 SUPER TOO R
7 Resendo Ramarez WVRV3 PIPE LINE L
8 Leland Spence WVR923 SLASH BABY L
10 Tanner Girletz ENO937 SUPER NOVA R
12 Budd Williamson WVR736 SLING BLADE L
13 Edgar Durazo ENO024 COOL POP R
14 Tanner Byrne ENO903 BODY TWIST R
15 Colby Reilly SKRI0818 BOB MARLEY R
16 Wyatt Gleeson SKRI916 POPCORN TWIST L
17 Cameren Parkinson SKRI911 E.W.’S BONNESS R
18 Ty Pozzobon HOGS916 K ROSE R
19 Jesse Torkelson SKRI902 FREIGHT SHAKER L
20 Jordan Hansen SKRI90 BROWNIE L
21 Justin Lloyd 2 HOGS724 LOST WAGES R
23 Cody Ford HOGS079 GET THIS L
24 Josh Birks HOGS911 2DARK2C L
25 Bradley Ingersoll SWYR62 REMINGTON COUNTRY R
26 Scott Schiffner SWYR014 MAN DIME R
27 Tyler Pankewitz HOGS918 GOIN’ STEADY L
28 Brock Radford SWYR866 BUCKET LIST R
29 Miles Pennington SWYR320 GREY AREA L
30 Lachlan Richardson SWYR180 WHISKEY THROTTLE L



Snowing Cowboys in Byemoor

Snowing Cowboys in Byemoor

BYEMOOR, Alberta — The bulls of Bull Riders Canada are now 30 – 2 over the cowboys in the short go’s of this year’s events. They went 8-0 tonight at the Byemoor Bull-A-Rama as the snow flew outside in many parts of Alberta.

Australian Cowboy Kyle Loudon hasn’t been back on Canadian soil very long but he didn’t waste any time getting to the top of the pay window.

Loudon scored 85 points on Big Rig from the Outlawbuckers Rodeo Company to win tonight’s long go with a score of 84.5. With no rides in the championship round, it was more than enough for the win.

“It’s taken a little bit to get it together,” Loudon told, confessing things haven’t been as good as they could be thus far. “It feels good though to win, it felt like it should again last night.”

Now in a tie for sixth in the season standings with 300 points and $2,564 on the season, the Aussie is headed to Taber for tonight’s Easter Bull Bash looking to improve his ranking.

“Hopefully it goes good again tonight too,” said Loudon.

Current number five ranked cowboy Cole Young tied with Saskatchewan’s Tim Lipsett for second on the night. Both cowboys scored 83 points on Outlawbuckers Bulls Cold Blue and Case Closed respectively to earn $1,591 each.

Rounding out the top five were Taran Chirgwin of Australia and Matt O’Flynn of British Columbia who scored 81 points each to $318 a piece.

Next up on the 2014 Bull Riders Canada season is tonight’s Easter Bull Bash in Taber, AB stating tonight at 7:00pm.


Kyle Loudon is presented with his Championship Jacket for winning the 20th Annual Byemoor Bull-A-Rama on April 18th, 2014.

Kyle Loudon is presented with his Championship Jacket for winning the 20th Annual Byemoor Bull-A-Rama on April 18th, 2014.

Official Results from the Byemoor Bull-A-Rama. April 18th, 2014 in Byemoor, AB.

Long Go: 1. Kyle Loudon on Outlawbuckers’ Big Rig, 85 points, $1,216; 2. (tie) Cole Young and Tim Lipsett, 83, $760 each; 4. (tie) Taran Chirgwin and Matt O’Flynn, 81, $152 each.

Short Go: no qualified rides.

Aggregate/Total Money Won: 1. Kyle Loudon, 85 on one head, $2,546; 2. (tie) Cole Young and Tim Lipsett, 83, $1,591 each; 4. (tie) Taran Chirgwin and Matt O’Flynn, 81, $318 each.

Australia Leads on Night One From Fort St. John

FORT ST. JOHN, British Columbia — For the second strait year an Australian is leading the Daryl Mills PBR Invitational after night one.

As the fourth stop on the PBR Canada schedule with $30,000 in added prize money, this was one event no one would miss.

In 2013 at the first Daryl Mills PBR Invitational it was Cliff Richardson in that number one spot with an 89 but tonight it was Budd Williamson a half point back with his 88.5 on Sawyer’s Moves Like Jagger.


Currently 17th in the PBR World Standings, Tanner Byrne finished in a tie for second on the night but got the call for the grudge match due to higher rider scores. Byrne was 85 on Cool Pop from Eno Bucking Bulls.


Unfortunately in the grudge match neither Tanner Byrne or Budd Williamson rode their bulls and that $3,000 will roll over to next year.

Reining PBR Canadian Champion Zane Lambert made good on a pick for an 85 on Vold Rodeo’s Feeling Blue.


Jason Malone drove 48 hours to get to Fort St. John but he made it worth while after going for 85 points on Franklin Rodeo’s Red Bull.


$100,000 Calgary Stampede and two-time CPRA Champ Chad Besplug made good on another pick with his 85 on Franklin Rodeo’s Smoothie.


Night number two from Fort St. John at the Daryl Mills PBR Invitational starts at 5:30pm from the FSJ Rec Center. The dance in the dirt featuring Jake Matthews begins at 9:00pm sharp. See you tomorrow night BC!

Thank you to Shawn Metchewais of Reita Creek Scoreboards for tonight’s video from Fort St. John. We appreciate it Shawn!

The following are the unofficial results from day one of the Daryl Mills PBR Invitational on April 18th, 2014.

Long Go: 1. Budd Williamson on Sawyer’s Moves Like Jager, 88.5 points; 2. (tie) Chad Besplug, Jason Malone, Tanner Byrne and Zane Lambert 85; 6. Michael Ostashek, 84.5; 7. Leland Spence, 84; 8. Cody Ford, 83.5.

Pank Doubles Down in Tofield

TOFIELD, Alberta — Tyler Pankewitz held his title for the second year at the Tofield Bull Bash sanctioned by Bull Riders Canada Inc. on Thursday Night at the Tofield Arena.

After that first chute came open though, it wasn’t looking like another win was in his reach. Pankewitz was bucked off his first bull in a matter of a few jumps. What most of us didn’t realize until later however was that Tyler never nodded his head for the gate and was awarded a re-ride option.

With that he did next was capitalize on the second chance for a score of 82.5 points on Papercut from Thompson Rodeo. It was a point better than his long go score last year but earned him a bit less money this time around. That didn’t matter though when it came to the short go as he was the only man to ride.

There he was 86 points on Despicable Me from the Wild Hoggs to earn all the added prize money, $5,700 to be exact, bringing his evening total to $6,182. Add that to the $5,714 from last year and Pank has earned nearly $12,000 in two years in Tofield.


2013 BRC Finalists Miles Pennington and Dan Hansen tied for second overall after splitting the long go with matching 83.5′s to eacn $1,687 each. Pennington rode Midnight Bucking Bulls’ Yellow Rose and Hansen rode Wild Hoggs Bucking Bulls’ Wizzbang. This was the first points each have made counting towards the 2014 finals and they sit in a tie for 10th in the season standings.

A man who’s placed multiple times already in the short season is last year’s BRC Champion, Brian Hervey. Picking up another $964.00 in Tofield, Hervey now sits second only to Ethan Schultz by a mere 45 points. Schultz scored 81.5 last night to earn more points however finish out of the money.

Next up on the 2014 Bull Riders Canada Season Schedule is the Byemoor Bull-A-Rama tonight, April 18th in Byemoor, AB starting at 7:30pm. 


Official Results from the Tofield Bull Bash. April 17th, 2014 in Tofield, AB.

Long Go: 1. (tie) Miles Pennington  on Midnight Bucking Bulls’ Yellow Rose and Dan Hansen Wild Hoggs Bucking Bulls’ Wizzbang, 83.5 points, $1,687.00 each. 3. Brian Hervey, 83, $964.00; 4. Tyler Pankewitz, 82.5, $482.00.
Short Go: 1. Tyler Pankewitz on Wild Hoggs Bucking Bulls’ Despicable Me, 86 points, $5,700; no other qualified rides.
Aggregate/Total Money Won: 1. Tyler Pankewitz, 168.5 on two head, $6,182.00; 2. (tie) Miles Pennington and Dan Hansen, 83.5 on one head, $1,687.00 each; 4. Brian Hervey, 83, $964.00.
For full results and standings visit www.BullRidersCanada.ca